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This section has the following topics:

System Requirements

  • JDK 1.7+
  • Gradle
  • Hadoop 2.7.0

Operating Systems

  • RedHat/CentOS 6.x and 7.x
  • Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 15.04
  • Debian 8

Myriad Requirements

  • Hadoop HDFS
  • Zookeeper
  • Mesos with Marathon (if using Marathon for monitoring, otherwise, just Mesos). See Mesosphere Open Source.
  • Mesos-DNS (Used for High Availability)
  • Myriad

Ports Used


If your environment has both Marathon and Spark installed on the same node, a conflict occurs because the default port for both is 8080. To resolve this conflict, change the port for one of the applications.


General Tasks

The following is an overview of the general installation and configuration tasks needed for setting up and configuring Myriad:

  1. Download HDFS binaries on your node(s) and set $JAVA_HOME.
  2. Install Mesos and Marathon (if using Marathon for monitoring) on your master node.
  3. Install zookeeper on your master node and configure mesos-master.
  4. Install Mesos on your slave nodes and create the cluster.
  5. Download Myriad binaries and build Myriad.
  6. Configure HDFS to use Myriad. For example, properties in the Hadoop yarn-site.yml file. The files that you modify depends on the environment that you set up.
  7. Install and configure Mesos-DNS for Myriad High Availability (if using HA).

Myriad Components

  • Myriad Scheduler - This component plugs into Resource Manager process and negotiates resources from Mesos by implementing Mesos Scheduler and SchedulerDriver interfaces. It is responsible to launch Node Manager processes via Mesos.
  • Myriad Executor - This component plugs into the NodeManager process via the YARN AuxiliaryService interface.

The project is a multi-project build using gradle. You can go to the $PROJECT_HOME (which is where you cloned the Git project to) and type ./gradlew build to build all projects or you can go into each individual project and build them separately.


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