Blog from September, 2017

During this week, a major milestone was achieved — we moved the 1st NetBeans code donation from Oracle to Apache Incubator Git, mirrored on GitHub:

The 1st code donation consists of the NetBeans Platform and the Java SE tools (i.e., standard Java, including Swing and JavaFX), which includes tools for JShell and Jigsaw.

The 2nd code donation will consist of the tools for Java EE, PHP, JavaScript, Groovy, C/C++ and more.

See the end of this page for the process and the current state:

Soon we’ll start moving the various mailing lists and the website and so on to Apache as well.

Initially, we’ll only have two mailing lists — one for all users of NetBeans, i.e., and all other user mailing lists:  

And we will have one mailing list for those developing NetBeans itself:

You’re welcome to already move over to the mailing list:

Also be aware of all the NetBeans questions being asked on Twitter, Facebook, and, for example, Stack Overflow:

Responses and questions welcome!