Apache NetBeans (incubating) 10 is the Apache NetBeans incubator release of the features provided by Apache NetBeans (incubating) 9.0, together with the features dealing with JDK 11 and PHP.

Note: The features driving the Apache NetBeans 10 release are JDK 11 and PHP, though JavaScript and Groovy features are also included in Apache NetBeans for the first time.


Apache NetBeans Release Roadmap

Release Manager: Laszlo Kishalmi


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Dedicated Wiki for Apache NetBeans 10 features:


Release 10 tracking issue: NETBEANS-1321


Other work done in the Apache NetBeans 10.0 timeframe:

  • 2nd donation completed and most of the relicensing done.
  • NetBeans brand and domain donation to Apache.
  • Apache NetBeans GitHub per-cluster restructuring.

Issues Resolved for 10 and Later:

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