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PRs merged in Apache NetBeans 11.1:

Filtered as is:pr merged:>=2019-03-01 sort:updated-asc (The date might not be quite right, and some things will have been cherry picked.)


Temporarily hosted for testing on a branch in Apache NetBeans GitHub fork:

Tip: Click the Download button on the pages above to download the installer.

Note: Windows installer (unsigned) and Linux installer are also available from Jenkins build jobs:


Join the mailing lists to provide feedback:

Draft List of Features (Work in Progress)


Java EE

  • Payara integration out of the box, with thanks to the Payara team.

  • Java EE 8 support for Maven-based and Gradle-based Web applications.
  • Java EE 8 Support Includes:
    • Ability to create a Java EE 8 application and deploy to a Java EE 8 container; New webapp-javaee8 maven archetype has been created for use with Apache NetBeans

    • Modify an existing Java EE application to make it Java EE 8 compatible

    • Support for GlassFish 5.0.1

    • Java EE 8 library support



Web Frontend: JavaScript/HTML5/PHP

NetBeans Platform / NetBeans APIs



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  1. I love how the new features are promoted! Thanks for that early insights.

    May i suggest u to create gifs, (win. ScreenToGif, mac LICEcap) for eg. ? 

    Its very popular to make gifs for such feature presentations.

  2. Would be cool if you'd make those based on the info above and then we can embed them, promote them, etc, since you know how to do this, would be a great contribution.