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Schedule: Release Schedule

Closed PR's in 11.3 timeframe:

Note: The donation of the NetBeans C and C++ features from Oracle to Apache has been completed in the 11.3 timeframe, though the code has not yet been integrated into Apache NetBeans GitHub. This is anticipated to be a large task and may take some time, involving not only license changes and IP clearance in Apache, though also potentially code changes since not everything that was part of these features in Oracle was able to be donated by Oracle to Apache. Until the code integration is complete, go to the Plugin Manager, enable the NetBeans IDE 8.2 Update Center, which lets you install the NetBeans IDE 8.2 modules providing C and C++ features.

1. Java

1.1 Java Editor





1.2 Gradle

1.2.1 [NETBEANS-3256] Upgraded Gradle Tooling API  to 6.0 (#1625)
1.2.2 [NETBEANS-3599] Added Support for Custom Gradle Home (#1817)

1.2.3 [NETBEANS-3684] Added Support for Gradle Composite Projects (#1861)

1.2.4 [NETBEANS-3411] Recognize Kotlin based Gradle Projects (#1737)

1.2.5 [NETBEANS-2960] Gradle Project can be Reloaded Forcibly (#1634)

1.2.6 Several other Gradle Improvements and Bugfixes


1.3 Maven

1.4 Language Server Protocol

1.5 Java EE

2. Frontend

3. Appearance

3.1 Re-introduced Dark Metal and Dark Nimbus Look And Feels

3.2 FlatLaf Look and Feel Support

Thanks to Karl Tauber, dark and light FlatLaf support is integrated from scratch in 11.3.

3.3 Gradle Icon Update

3.4 HiDPI

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 Miscellaneous Editor Features

  • Mustache Aware YAML Lexer

  • Indenting can be Configures for YAML and XML

4.2 Code Cleanup

4.3 Library Updates

4.4 API Changes

Reference: Complete Listing of Closed PRs for 11.3

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