Release timeline: Release Schedule, Apache NetBeans 12.2 is scheduled to be released November 15th - 30th, 2020.

Pull requests integrated in 12.2:


Java Language

New JDK 14 and 15-Specific Java Language Features

  • Code coloring. Keywords "sealed", "non-sealed", and "permits" are highlighted conforming to the existing styles of all other Java keywords.

  • Code formatting for "sealed" type. Extended the Java code formatting feature to include "sealed" and "permits" clauses for the first time.

  • Auto-completion for "sealed" type. Added keyword "sealed" and "non-sealed" before "class" declaration. Added "permits" only in the allowed location, i.e., the "permits" clause is not allowed to be put before "extends" and "implements" clause, if present.

  • Fixed Record Formatting issue with use of annotation:

  • Fixed issue: refactor record rename & move record file to other package: 

  • Invoke code completion for "Record" variable name and the editor will analyze the context and then suggest choices that are reachable from the current caret position.

  • Fixed JavaDoc listing for class-type RECORD on auto completion:

  • nb-javac fork supports JDK 15:

New Miscellaneous Java Language Features


Java Web

Java Build Systems

PHP & JavaScript


  • We haven't finished implementing PHP 8.0 support yet. It means that some new syntaxes are not supported yet(e.g. Attribute, named parameter,...).

Library Upgrades


Reference: Complete Listing of Closed PRs for 12.2

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