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NetCAT 9.0 team will not recommend +1 voting for Apache NetBeans 9.0 (incubating) GA unless the following quality criteria are met for the GA candidate build:

  • 0 bugs or tasks with BLOCKER priority level
  • all bugs with CRITICAL priority level fixed or waived  
  • 0 CA blockers in NetBeans 9.0 Community Acceptance (CA) survey

Bug waiving guidelines

  • Waiving means that bug in question does not need to be fixed for the release which is being stabilized at the moment.
  • This approach will be used exceptionally to avoid blocking a release due to bugs which were discovered too late in the stabilization phase and need deep investigation and enough time to find the appropriate fix.
  • Only the appropriate NetCAT tribe leader responsible for the affected functionality can label a bug with WAIVER tag after reaching consensus within his/her tribe.
  • A critical bug can be waived (labeled with WAIVER tag) for 2 releases at maximum.

Community Acceptance survey

  • Community Acceptance survey is a 3 week long poll in which any NetBeans community member can voice an opinion on the quality of main functionality areas of NetBeans GA build candidate.
  • Each question allows the selection of one of the following options: Excellent quality level, Usable quality level and Poor quality level.
  • A respondent can choose the third option Poor quality level only in case s/he provides bug number, which s/he considers to be a blocker.
  • A CA blocker is defined as any open bug with BLOCKER or CRITICAL priority levels which was mentioned by 10% or more of Community Acceptance survey respondents.
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