Releases of NetBeans Language Server extension for VSCode are based on NetBeans code base and overall Release Schedule with following modifications.

Motivation for extra releases of VSIX

There is an ongoing extensive development in NetBeans Language Server for VSCode. Many of the changes driven by VSIX use case are of general purpose, they have an impact on regular NetBeans releases. On the other side many of the changes are targeted towards VSCode use case and are in area of Language Server Protocol and other communication between VSCode and NBLS. More frequent releases will allow us to continue intensive features contribution into the IDE. At the same time we'll get immediate feedback and testing of the new features from the NBLS extension users.

Planned VSIX releases

VSIX VersionNetBeans releaseDateComment
12.5.301Master before 12.6Oct 17, 20212nd interim VSIX release 12.5 Main NB release
12.4.99112.5 Beta?NB 12.5 BetaBeta release of VSIX if main NB 12.5 Beta is done.
12.4.301Master before 12.5July 19th, 20211st extra VSIX release

VSIX releases

NetBeans Language Server releases follow ASF projects release practices.

  1. NetBeans Language Server VSCode extension release and voting  will be done on sources and VSIX as complimentary binary only.
  2. Release will be done either from master or from release branches.
    1. In a case of release branch special branch will be created for VSIX release.
    2. When released from master the branch could be created to simplify stabilization
  3. To comply with semantic versioning schema (as used by VSCode Marketplace) the interim releases are going to use 12.4.301, 12.4.302, etc. to avoid clashes with official NetBeans patch releases - e.g. 12.4.1
    1. branches will be named accordingly, e.g. release1243 or release_12.4.3 for more clarity?
  4. The release management for NBLS will be done by Martin Balin and Jaroslav Tulach
    1. It follows all the rules for ASF release process. Includes testing, builds, signing, 72 hours voting on sources and complimentary binary
    2. Release artifacts will be stored on 
  5. NBLS version 12.x.0 will continue to be released as a complementary binary with every main Apache NetBeans release.

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