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IMPORTANT: see the page on a JBake based solution for next steps and how we can bring over the old site to the new one. We will be working from there for now, and eventually this page will be replaced.

Instructions for working with, by Chris Lenz.

1. Install Ruby and SASS. Instructions can be found here: and

2. Test whether you installed both successfully.

3. Clone the repo with: git clone (Or via NetBeans itselfs: Team -> clone OR Team -> remote -> clone.)

4. Setup your project as an HTML5 project in NetBeans.

5. Setup the CSS preprocessor – right click on the project -> Properties -> CSS Preprocessor: Input /styles, Output /styles (Hit the flag compile on save).

6. Right click on the index.html inside /content and hit run.


  • Thats it, there is no build process atm with node, grunt or gulp but they can be added later.
  • Probably best that not everyone can change whatever they want. Each step we should discuss beforehand. Maybe someone can make on a feature branch or so. Only bugfixes and so on would be great.
  • Last but not least, not sure whether everyone has the rights to push into it. You have to ask via mailing list or try it.
  • The branch asf-site is the master branch so this is what will be live so please be careful. Use master for develop (strange) to make new stuff into it or create a feature branch.
  • It is important to plan how urls will be migrated from the existing site to the new one, adding 30X redirects as appropriate, in order to try to keep good SEO positioning in search engines. For some hints on how to do this se, for instance,

Related Apache info for websites:


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