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2017-05-29NetCAT 9.0 announced, volunteers start joining
2017-06-14Welcome message, 1st code donation prepared
2017-06-28Creation of tribes (1 week)
2017-07-10Review of existing test specs and creation of new ones where required (3 weeks)
2017-07-31Full testing of development builds starts (4 weeks)
2017-08-28NetBeans IDE 9.0 Release Candidate build certification (4 days)
2017-09-01NetBeans IDE 9.0 Release Candidate build published
2017-09-01Community Acceptance survey opened (3 weeks)
2017-09-11NetBeans 9.0 IDE Final Release build certification (1 week)
2017-09-15Satisfaction survey (5 days)
2017-09-20NetCAT 9.0 closed
2017-09-21NetBeans IDE 9.0 released


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