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This page is used to coordinate the test spec review during NetCAT 9.0.

The full list of all test specs can be found on Synergy at

Table of Contents

Test Spec Statuses

A test spec can be in one of the following statuses:

  • NEW - a completely new test spec that is being created for new functionality
  • REVIEW - an existing test spec that is under review
  • UPDATE (MAJOR) - major changes are being implemented that will be incompatible with previous releases of the IDE
  • UPDATE (MINOR) - minor changes are being implemented (spelling, grammar, formatting, missing steps)
  • DONE - all updates have been completed and the test spec is ready for use during testing

Java Editor

(tribe test specs)

Test SpecReviewerStatus
Java Code CompletionConstantin DraboUPDATE (MINOR)
Syntax highlighting (Java Code)Constantin DraboUPDATE (MINOR)
Code formattingConstantin DraboUPDATE (MINOR)
NavigationConstantin DraboUPDATE (MINOR)
Java HintsUnai ViviUPDATE (MINOR)
Java RefactoringConstantin DraboUPDATE (MINOR)
JavaDocConstantin DraboUPDATE (MINOR)
Editor - CodefoldingJose J. RodriguezUPDATE (MINOR)
Editor OptionsCarlos QuintanillaUPDATE (MINOR)

Java Debugger

(tribe test specs)

Test SpecReviewerStatus
Ant DebuggerJiří KovalskýDONE
InterfaceJiří KovalskýUPDATE (MINOR)
FunctionalityWilliam BacchUPDATE (MINOR)
ViewsWilliam BacchUPDATE (MINOR)
BreakpointsSven ReimersUPDATE (MINOR)
MiscellaneousDumitru BoldureanuUPDATE (MINOR)
Multiple ThreadsDumitru BoldureanuDONE

Java Profiler 

(tribe test specs)

Test SpecReviewerStatus
ProfilerJohn KostarasNEW

Java GUI Builder 

(tribe test specs)

Test SpecReviewerStatus


(tribe test specs)

Test SpecReviewerStatus
GitMark StephensDONE
MercurialDavid HeffelfingerREVIEW
SVNLeo Donahue, Niklas MatthiesREVIEW
CVSAles Seifert, Thomas WolfREVIEW


(tribe test specs)

Test SpecReviewerStatus
Maven Support Test Specification (POINTS 1,2,3)Luca MambrettiAdded labels (requires further discussion)
Maven Support Test Specification (POINTS 4,5)Josh Juneau 
Maven Support Test Specification (POINTS 6,7)Georgia InghamREVIEW


(tribe test specs)


(tribe test specs)

Test SpecReviewerStatus
Database Driver and Connection Test SpecificationDon Supun LiyanageDONE
Database Test SpecificationDon Supun LiyanageDONE

Unit Testing 

(tribe test specs)

Test SpecReviewerStatus
JUnit Testing SpecificationRick HegartyNEW
TestNG Testing SpecificationRick HegartyNEW


(tribe test specs)

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