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Some guidelines for submitting issues in JIRA

  1. Try to pick the right component.  The component owner will be notified of all issues added to that component and will likely respond faster to the issue. If you know the netbeans source tree or the netbeans plugin responsible for the issue, you can find the correct component here.


Setting up the NetBeans JIRA Plugin

You can browse the NetBeans issues from within the NetBeans IDE. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Install the NetBeans JIRA Plugin:
    1. Choose the menu entry "Tools / Plugins"
    2. Select the "Available Plugins" tab, and then install the "JIRA" plugin.
  2. Set up the JIRA plugin to use the newest JIRA API version
    1. Choose the menu entry "Tools / Options"
    2. Select the "Team" tab.
    3. Select the "Tasks" subtab, and then the "JIRA" entry.
    4. Select "JIRA 5.0+" connector type
      Setting up the proper connector type
  3. You will have to restart the IDE for the new connector type to be available.
  4. Adding a new task repository
    1. Open the "Services" pane in the IDE.
    2. Right click on the "Tasks" node, and select "Create Task Repository" 
    3. Create a new Task Repository
  5. Finally enter the Apache NetBeans JIRA details
    1. Enter as the URL
    2. Enter your username and password
    3. Enter Apache JIRA details
  6. You can now query the issue repository, selecting the "NetBeans" project and choosing the kind of issues you want to see.
    1. JIRA Query Resutls


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