Creating and editing the .htaccess file for the update centre requires SSH access to the NetBeans VM with sudo enabled for your user.

The template for the .htaccess file is below, although it is easiest to copy the file from the previous release folder and find/replace the version numbers. Or find/replace all instances of 21 in the text below with the correct version. The file can be found at /var/www/html/uc/<version>/.htaccess

The file is commented and in three sections for use during release candidate, release and archive stages. Only one line should be active (uncommented) at any point.

# Edit the version numbers and comment / uncomment the relevant lines for beta, release and archive stages.
# Do not delete lines so that this file can be copied as a template for the next release.
# Test locally using eg.
# curl -sLD - -o /dev/null
# curl -sLD - -o /dev/null

# RC stage - redirect to last successful build on ci-builds
RedirectMatch ^/uc/21/(.*)(\?.*)?$$1

# Release state - redirect everything but updates.xml(.gz) to CDN - updates.xml.gz is a trust anchor and must be served from the same directory as this file.
# RedirectMatch ^/uc/21/((?!(updates\.xml)).*)(\?.*)?$$1

# Archive state - redirect everything to Apache archives once this is no longer the latest version.
# RedirectMatch ^/uc/21/((?!(updates\.xml)).*)(\?.*)?$$1
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