This is a server we use for:

Who has access

Any committer may gain user access to the netbeans-vm box.

Apache Infra is limiting root access to some individuals. (IMHO this is a good thing, because system administration is not something you can do among many people).

Ask the dev mailing list for more information on who has root access to the server, in case you need it.

Virtual Web Servers

The hosts different web servers. Some of them (, for instance) are configured using puppet. Some others (NetCAT stuff, for instance) are manually set up.

The virtual webservers are configured using puppet by this file: (note that this is a private github repository for ASF committers). All ASF committers can pull from the repository, make modifications, push these modifications into a branch of the repository and create PRs from that (the repository can not be forked!). The PRs then need to be merged by a member of the infrastructure team. Depending on the intended change, this can be easier, than explaining the change that is intendend in an issue. TIP: if the PR is related to an issue, it's good practice to start the commit message with "[INFRA-XXX]" or "[NETBEANS-XXX]", where XXX is the issue number.

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