Hello Apache NiFi community,

Thanks for your interest in helping to vote on a release candidate.  First it is a good idea to review http://nifi.apache.org/release-guide.html.  This page provides important background material to understand the mechanics and meaning of a release.  It explains how things like +1, -1, 0, binding, and non binding votes work.  With the above in mind lets dive right into the main steps in reviewing a release candidate of Apache NiFi (note the steps for NiFi Registry, MiNiFi, etc.. may differ).

Please find the associated guidance to help those interested in validating/verifying the release so they can vote.

Download latest KEYS file

wget https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/nifi/KEYS

wget for Windows can be found here.

Import keys file

gpg --import KEYS

On Windows cmder includes gpg.

[optional] Clear out local maven artifact repository

rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/*

Pull down nifi-1.21.0 source release artifacts for review

wget https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/nifi/nifi-1.21.0/nifi-1.21.0-source-release.zip
wget https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/nifi/nifi-1.21.0/nifi-1.21.0-source-release.zip.asc
wget https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/nifi/nifi-1.21.0/nifi-1.21.0-source-release.zip.sha256

Verify the signature

gpg --verify -v nifi-1.21.0-source-release.zip.asc

Verify the hashes (sha256, sha512) match the source and what was provided in the vote email thread

shasum -a 256 nifi-1.21.0-source-release.zip
shasum -a 512 nifi-1.21.0-source-release.zip

On Windows
certutil -hashfile nifi-1.21.0-source-release.zip SHA256
certutil -hashfile nifi-1.21.0-source-release.zip SHA512

Unzip nifi-1.21.0-source-release.zip

unzip -DD nifi-1.21.0-source-release.zip

Verify the build works including release audit tool (RAT) checks

cd nifi-1.21.0
mvn -T 1C clean install -Pcontrib-check

Further checks:

  • Verify the contents contain a good README, NOTICE, and LICENSE.
  • Verify the git commit ID is correct
  • Verify the RC was branched off the correct git commit ID
  • Look at the resulting convenience binaries as found in:
    • nifi-assembly/target
    • nifi-registry/nifi-registry-assembly/target
    • nifi-toolkit/nifi-toolkit-assembly/target
    • minifi/minifi-assembly/target
  • Make sure the README, NOTICE, and LICENSE are present and correct
  • Run the resulting convenience binary and make sure it works as expected
  • Send a response to the vote thread indicating a +1, 0, -1 based on your findings.

Thank you for your time and effort to validate the release!

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