New and Noteworthy

This release adds some great new features to the NMS client libraries and fixes several bugs found in the 1.1.0 release.  Some highlights for this release.

  • Addition of ConnectionMeteData to the Connection API.
  • Addition of QueueBrowser to the Session API.
  • Addition of an Individual Acknowledge Mode.
  • Improvements to the Failover Transport.
  • Improved API Documentation.
  • New IStreamMessage interface.
  • New IRedeliveryPolicy interface.
  • Expanded IByteMessage interface to read/write primitive types.
  • Many new Unit Tests added to the Test Suite.
  • Many bug fixes.


Refer to the API for this release here

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Apache.NMS Source code

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Apache.NMS Client Downloads


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Apache.NMS.Stomp Source code

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Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ Source code

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The NMS 1.2.0 Client Releases are still in progress

While the Apache.NMS API 1.2.0 has been released some of the client libraries are still in the process of being released.

Release Candidate 1 of the EMS, MSMQ and WCF NMS Clients are here:


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Apache.NMS.EMS Source code

Apache.NMS.EMS Binary Assemblies

Apache.NMS.MSMQ Source code

Apache.NMS.MSMQ Binary Assemblies

Apache.NMS.WCF Source code

Apache.NMS.WCF Binary Assemblies

NOTE: In order to use the Apache.NMS.EMS project files, you will need to provide your own copy of the TIBCO.EMS.dll, as this is a licensed 3rd Party application.

NOTE: Compatible with ActiveMQ Broker versions in the 4.X and 5.X family. Support TIBCO EMS 4.1.0 and above.

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For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the release notes

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