Getting Started with NMS

The NMS API provides your client with a common API model for working with Message Oriented Middleware, but to make use of the API you need to download one of the NMS Provider libraries. The NMS Providers libraries are what makes it possible for your code to connect to your Message Broker. Follow the links below to read more about the NMS Provider for your Message broker and download a release bundle.

NMS Providers

An NMS Provider is a .NET Assembly that provides an implementation of the NMS API that provides connectivity with a particular Messaging Service or an implementation of a standard Messaging Protocol. Currently, the following providers are available:

  • ActiveMQ client which communicates with ActiveMQ using its own native wire protocol and provides many advanced features beyond the standard NMS API.
  • STOMP which connects to any STOMP Broker.  Also, when coupled with StompConnect, NMS can be used to communicate with pretty much any existing MOM provider! (Or at least those that support JMS which most MOM providers do).
  • MSMQ is an implementation of NMS using Microsoft's MSMQ API.
  • EMS provider for talking to TIBCO's EMS message broker.  To use this, you will need to following TIBCO's licensing requirements to acquire the TIBCO client assembly DLL.  NMS does not ship with the TIBCO client assembly.
  • WCF provides support of Windows Communications Framework.
  • AMQP is an implementation of NMS using the Apache Qpid Messaging API. AMQP 1.0 protocol support is provided by Apache Qpid Proton.
  • MQTT provider uses the publish-subscribe pattern that is a "light weight" messaging protocol for use on top of the TCP/IP protocol
  • XMS provider connects to the IBM WebSphere MQ Series broker.

Building the code

While there are binary distributions available for all the NMS Providers you sometimes might want to build the code from trunk in order to test out the latest changes or fixes. On Windows you can use Visual Studio to build the code. On Linux or OS X you can use Mono.

The build uses NAnt which both work on .Net and Mono.  You will need to have NAnt 0.91-Alpha2 or later.

For more help see the Building NMS guide.

Alternatives to NMS

There are currently a few alternatives to using NMS and working with ActiveMQ in .NET applications however the NMS ActiveMQ Provider is very feature rich and we recommend it as your starting point for .NET ActiveMQ inter-op.

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