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... brings Maven to the .NET developer

NPanday primarily provides two capabilities: a set of Maven plugins, for constructing builds in Maven that use the .NET command-line tools; and a Visual Studio Addin that keeps a Visual Studio project in sync with the Maven POM and adds reference resolution from Maven artifact repositories. Together this allows you to use a single tool across .NET, Java or any other Maven-based projects, including the same benefits of dependency management, automated release and source control management, and so on.

Read more about Apache Maven here:

Continuous Integration and Artifact Management for your .NET Applications using Open Source Technology

By using NPanday you can take advantage of existing development infrastructure that is compatible with Maven. This includes dependency management and project sharing using any Maven repository, and particularly those running a repository manager such as Apache Archiva, and continuous builds using a build server such as Apache Continuum

NPanday Visual Studio Add-in Features

Maven Builds
Execute Maven directly from Visual Studio or run standalone from a build server.

Dependency Management
Add references to the project by automatically obtaining them from a shared Maven repository.

Project Importer
Convenient way of converting an existing .NET Applications so that it can be built using Maven outside VS, ready for Continuous Integration.

Synchronization while developing the .NET Application for minimal interaction with the POM (Project Object Model) file.

Full documentation is now available at the following site:

How to Get Involved
NPanday is an open source project under the Apache License 2.0. You are free to use the application and source code as you wish under those terms.

We welcome you to contribute to the project by submitting your requests and feedback, patches to the code and participating in development discussions.

We are looking for active contributors to join the project, and use the Apache meritocracy model by nominating and voting for committers from those that regularly discuss development and submit patches for fixes and enhancements.

See below for further information on developing NPanday.

Project History
Originally developed in the Apache incubator as NMaven, NPanday is the continuation of the 0.14 development line and its expanded set of features. The project aims to provide production level support for Maven in .NET environments today, while working towards a unified solution with other technologies for the future.

NPanday Development



  • stable branch from last codeplex release version 1.2


  • branch for the uac and pab removal modifications


  • branch for the development of .NET 4.0 and VS2010 feature
  • Currently the branches npanday-uac-removed and npanday-vs2010-support has already been merged to trunk but is still currently buggy at the moment. We will update this wiki as soon as we have it stabilized.

More information can be found in the FAQ under the documentation link above.

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