There is a lot of work to be done on editing and structuring and reformatting the OFBiz documentation. In short, we need your help!

You can find the PDF exports from the Undersun end-user documentation site here

Before starting to work on a section from the Undersun online docs (or other doc source) please check here and if no one has it listed already, then add what you are working on and the estimated start date (and if possible hoped for end date) for it here.

A short note on the doc organization (DEJ20060605): I plan to have the organization on the Confluence site be the same as on the Undersun docs site with the content split into pages for the major sections (typically 2nd-3rd level or so in the hierarchy for the various doc trees there). For the "Manager Reference" documents it would be nice to have one Confluence page for each web page described for easy linking and such. For some examples look at the early pages I worked on including the "Sales Order End-to-End Process" under the "High Level End-to-End Processes" page, and the various pages under the "Application Overview for Users" page.

Undersun doc site pages being worked on:

  • RB - Nothing right now
  • Nothing else yet...

RB: So far from my experience of doing a few pages, the longest part of the job is saving, renaming, attaching and reinserting the images. With this in mind I might try and find a few hours shortly to on mass create and transfer all the text from the pages so we have the basic text and structure transfered and then we can work on getting the images transfered. Is there any way to do an on mass export of the images from the Undersun Site with sensible names?

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    RF - Currently working on Catalog

    1. Rafiu: by this do you mean the "Manager Reference: Catalog" area?

      1. Unknown User (

        Yeah sorry. Manager Reference: Catalog is being worked on by myself.

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    As far as I can tell, fragments of various attempts to migrate the 12 Manager Reference PDFs to Wiki format appear currently to be scattered around several different locations.

    • The Open For Business Project Wiki > Sandbox > Application Screen Reference > Accounting - contains 3 of the 10 sections of the Accounting Manager Ref.
    • The Open For Business Project Wiki > Sandbox > CATALOG - contains 8 of the 16 sections of Catalog Manager Ref.
    • The Open For Business Project Wiki > Sandbox > OFBiz Applications User Manual - contains only a list of suggested contents
    • The Open For Business Project Wiki  > Application Reference for Users > Application Reference for Manufacturing Manager Application (Tab) - contains only 1 of the 9 sections of Manufacturing Manager Ref. without any images or layout
    • The Open For Business Project Wiki  > Application Reference for Users >  User Reference for Accounting Manager Application (Tab) - contains only 1 out of the 10 sections of Accounting Manager Ref.
    • OFBiz End-User Documentation > OFBiz End User Docs Home > Manager References - also contains on 8 of the 16 sections of Catalog Manager Ref. (Section 9.1 is just a 1 par intro.)

    This is very confusing for new users.

    In an attempt to simplify this and help develop a larger OOTB end-user community I have now completed translating all 12 of the Manager References in their entirety to Wiki format in one location, with the document structure and layout of the original PDFs followed as closely as possible.

    I couldn't get access to the OFBiz End User Docs space so have put them under my personal space at

    I hope this will prove to be a useful contribution to the community in terms of providing a firm and accessible basis for further development of the end-user documentation and of a larger OOTB end-user community.

    Hopefully these documents could eventually be moved to a more accessible section of the Wiki where they can then be amended and developed by those more qualified than myself.

    1. the link does not work. so did not find any of the files.
      these will/are being transferred to