The Base Applications stack comprises of components (applications) that extend the base applications of Apache OFBiz.

Components in this stack are loaded on start-up after components in the Framework stack, in the order as outlined here.


NameDescriptionWiki link

Full featured accounting module and financial setup of internal organisations

  • Accounting (general ledger, financial)
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
Financial accounting & Reporting

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commonextIntended to enable organisation to extend functions and services in the common component of the Framework stackExtending the common component 
contentContent ManagementContent Management 
datamodelDatamodel definitions of all base and special purpose componentsDatamodel 
humanresHuman Resource ManagementHuman Resource Management 
manufacturingManufacturing Management, Materials Resource Planning, Define production schemas and tasks, Bill of MaterialsManufacturing Management 
marketingMarketing Communications Management and Sales Force AutomationMarketing Communications and SalesForce Automation 

Fully featured sales and purchase order management module, including

  • request
  • quote
  • order
  • requirements
Order Management 
party Party management 

Fully featured product and store management module, including

  • Catalog and category management
  • price and promo rule management
  • product configurations, features, virtual products and more


Product management 
securityext Extending the security component 
workeffort Work Effort Management 
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