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There are two supports for OFbiz documentation, this wiki and some mains documents (in pdf and html format)

The OFBiz documents are generated from a number of Asciidoc files. In general, the files are stored on each component in the 'src/docs/asciidoc' directories.

The general main documents include all files from component.

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My Portal

Within the 'my portal' application it is possible to create a collection of screens for a specific type of user of the system.

Examples are a general employee, an account manager, a customer, a supplier etc…​

The system makes use of special portlets which can be arranged and selected/hidden by the logged on user.

The MyPortal application is an example of what it’s possible to do with OFBiz Portal technics (integrated in ofbiz framework)

Accounting Manager

The OFBiz accounting system is a core application component and has most of the modern features you would expect in a general purpose double-entry accounting system.

However, OFBiz goes beyond that by and seamlessly integrates with other OFBiz applications such as Inventory, Purchasing and Manufacturing to give your business a complete ERP solution.

This makes the system as a whole robust and integrated to provide more value than a plain accounting system.

Catalog Manager

The Catalog Manager creates and provides access to a variety of information related to Products, Catalogs, or Categories.

Theses screen offers search tools and links to get you to the type of information you need or are working with quickly and accurately.

It is used to manage the products, all what is purchase, sale, build, used, …​ by the company. A product can be physical or digital.

With catalog application, you can manage all data associated with Product : category, catalog, price, id, …​.

Facility Manager

This Facility Manager is used to manage a warehouse, a store with related inventory.

All operations relating to stock:

  • defining locations (in a hierarchical and multi-level ways)

  • receiving

  • picking, packing

  • shipping

  • transfer

  • return

  • physical inventory

  • …​

Manufacturing Manager

The OFBiz Manufacturing component is one of the core application components and has all of the functionality you need to manage the cycle of tasks involved in the making of products and ensuring that the material necessary for production is forecast to be available at the right time

It is well integrated with other components especially Catalog to manage product definition, whatever its stage of manufacture (raw material, supply, subassembly, service, …​) and Workeffort to manage all means of production.

Party Manager

The Party Manager application is used to manage the parties, i.e any legal entity your company has to deal with.

A party can be a person or a company (or a group of parties).

Party application can be use to manage:

* customer
* supplier
* employee
* ...

This application is used to manage for each party profile, contact information, relationship, role, communication, classification, ...

Sales Force Automation Manager

The main purpose of the SFA application is to support the process of creating orders for leads.

The SFA application is for a specific user to list his leads, contacts accounts and opportunities.
He can create new parties or he can assign existing parties to himself.

It is very much based on the party application as its source.
Records from the party application are selected with only one basic reason: a possible sale in the future.
That also means that records in the party manager should be complete, especially the role is pretty important. Not All roles, but at least 'lead' 'contact' and 'Account' should be defined.

Asset Maintenance Manager

Assets are items of value that are owned by the business.

The Asset Maintenance application is used to schedule and trace all maintenance activities on assets.

Content Manager

The Content Management System (CMS) is designed to store data once and then allow it to be reused in multiple arrangements.

Human Resource Manager

HR has all of the functionality you need to manage your business employees as well as the recruitment process.

It is well integrated with other components especially Accounting to manage Payroll and any specific employee agreements.

Manage emplyee positions, responsibilities, skills, employment, termination, benefits, training, pay grades and payroll preferences, performance reviews, resumes and applications.

Marketing Manager

The overall purpose of the Marketing application is the support to select leads from parties obtained from a certain source or marketing segment to convert to opportunities by contacting these parties via a contact-list related to a marketing campaign.

Manage marketing campaigns, contact lists. Send promotional bulk e-mails. Manage tracking codes.

Order Manager

The order manager allows you to enter and maintain orders, quotes, requests and report on them.

It allows to manage purchase and sales orders from the creation and approval to the goods packing and shipping.

Project Manager

The project manager allows you to manage a project which in its simplest form consists out of phases and tasks.

A project consists out of one or more phases of which each phase can have one or more tasks.
A task always has a single parentPhase.
Time registration is only done on a task level.

Estimated and actual dates are only maintained at the task level.
Assign tasks to team members; report project activities with timesheets and calendars.
For reporting they are calculated to the higher levels.
Project views are created to support this.

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