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Welcome to the OFBiz online help

This is the main page for the online help system. From here you can access all of the other specific help pages.

If you have been directed to this page clicking on an OFBiz screen "help" link this means that, at the moment, no more detailed help page is available on that specific topic.

The OFBiz Community is improving the online help system and any effort you may feel able to offer will be appreciated.

You are a user or a contributor and would like to improve the help system with content? Please check Help for providing help content page

Thank you and Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks Ejaz,

    Fixed: I just used relative links rather than absolutes (always better) and removed the useless
    showing between panels

    1. Jacques, Ian has mentioned in a comment on Areas Being Worked On that 12 Manager reference have been completed which he has put in his personal space. Again that link is also dead (pointing to I have searched those documents on confluence but could not find. Are these documents still available anywhere on Apache Confluence page?

      1. Ejaz,

        I'm afraid Ian did not move them (or ask us to move them) when we changed from the Contegix Confluence to the ASF one. We had some troubles moving thing then...So, it's a pity, but they are lost (sad) ...

  2. Although this online help system is out of date, I like the idea of having short summaries for the application managers so will look at incorporating it somewhere either in the manual or some type of application overview page