if you are a user of the system and would like to contribute text for the help screens, login to the ofbiz document system and create the pages in the 'wiki' and notify of this event in the mailing list or create a 'Jira' issue

If you are a contributor you can create the help screens by added some stuff in OFBiz documentation files.

The better way for how  to do that is to read documentation on chapter The Apache OFBiz documentation system.

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  1. Ofbiz document system link is dead. This should point to https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBENDUSER instead of docs.ofbiz.org. Can somebody with edit privilege correct this?

  2. Thanks Ejaz,

    If you get to OFBENDUSER can you add pages and edit them there? I thought only the Open wiki was accessible to not committers users.

    1. I can't. They are enabled in Open Wiki only.

  3. BTW what, logically, Hans calls simply the "wiki" is the "OFBiz (Open For Business) Project Open Wiki" space (we share Confluence at the ASF level, all projects use the same Confluence instance), so I will change the link to it now, not to "OFBiz End-User Documentation" space which is only accessible to persons with rights

    1. Got it. I was expecting it to be end user documentation. Thanks for correction.

  4. Jacques, it needs correction at clause 3 also."Go to docs.ofbiz.org -> OFBIZENDUSER -> Ofbiz End user." It is again pointing to a dead link.

    1. Ejaz,

      Done but I guess it's not enough because the main "OFBiz end user doc" page as changed. There is no longer a number 3. I guess it's now "Manager References", please confirm and I will adapt...

      BTW if you are interested by Dynamic Content Help, you might be interested by the effort of the missed Tom Burns:  OFBIZ-4941 - Getting issue details... STATUS This is obsolete though, I created a svn branch after Tom's passing https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/ofbiz/branches/webhelp-2012-12-07, just saying...

      1. Jacques, thanks for directing me to Tom Bums work. Surely it is an excellent effort. You mentioned it is obsolete, does this mean no work is being done on dynamic content help? This documentation is accessed through cmssite in ofbiz. How can I contribute to that documentation? In fact much of the information is scattered in confluence which can be organized or recompiled in docbook format. Is that possible for me?

        1. What I mean is the most updated version of the work we did with Tom is in the branch. The OFBiz community decided to not merge this work. Though the Neogia team has created an addon from it.

          It's not quite clear what we should do. Possiblitites are:

          • Continue to provide help in current format (for you means through Jira issue with patches)
          • Continue the work we did with Tom, but since the community does nto want to merge it, it unfortunately sounds like a dead branch to me (pun not intented)
          • Work with the Neogia team to provide an addon based on the branch I created after working with Tom