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Ruth Hoffman
August, 2010

  1. Turn on emails in the master config file (~framework/common/config/
  2. Use the Party Manager to give the admin user a valid email address. Need this to get the sendMail Service to work.
  3. Use the Party Manager to create user as recipients. These may be "Persons". Make sure you create email addresses to for each recipient and set the allow solicitation value to be "Y".
  4. For extra added insurance, set the "Primary Email Address" for this email address.
  5. Use the Party Manager to add contact information of type email address to each user you wish to receive email
  6. Use the Marketing Manager to create a contact list and place the above users on the contact list.
  7. Use the Marketing Manager to add users from Step 2 to your new list.
  8. Use the Marketing Manager to create a "Communications Event". This step will take you through the process of creating the email headers (to, from, subject) and body and then let you preview and send the email to the list.
  9. Select the "Save" button to initiate the event.
  10. Wait and see if the email was sent. There is an OFBiz Service called "sendEmailDated" that runs every 5 minutes and sends emails to any outstanding communication events.
  11. What could go wrong...Lots. Stay tuned for more information.

Process Flow Diagram:
For more information on this process, please see my website: and free knowledge base article.

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