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## Description: 
 Apache OFBiz is an open source enterprise automation software project
## Issues: 
 there are no issues requiring board attention at this time
## Activity:
 - new features, improvements and bug fixes have been contributed
 and integrated into the official code base
 - the community is active and friendly: there are discussions in the mailing
 lists, community days (days in which contributors virtually meet and
 work together at resolving as many tickets as possible) and activity
 in Jira and Confluence
 - the community is trying to define a roadmap for the refactoring
 of the framework following an evolutionary step-by-step approach;
 the framework represents a large portion of the OFBiz codebase and
 some parts of it are rather old and may benefit from a renewal/upgrade;
 since the framework is used by several applications, the
 community is trying to find a way to minimize the impact on them
 - the activity in the official blog and Twitter accounts is steady
 and we have started to publish some videos on our official youtube
 - also this year the OFBiz project will be represented at ApacheCon:
 in fact some OFBiz related presentations have been accepted
 - we have some pending CVEs that we have partially addressed and we
 are trying to finalize as soon as possible; for this reason we have
 delayed our release dates but we are trying to complete this work in
 the next few weeks
 - finally, the sad news that shook our community:
 on 1st January 2016, OFBiz Committer, former PMC member and friend
 Adrian Crum passed away. Adrian joined the OFBiz project
 during the incubation phase and in 2007 was invited to
 become a committer. Later that year Adrian joined the
 OFBiz PMC and participated until June 2014. Over the years
 Adrian contributed around 5,000 postings to the mailing lists,
 over 2,300 issues and comments to issues and over 2,000 commits.
 The project has setup a memorial page for the community to
 share their stories, and experiences of Adrian and the community
 has also decided to dedicate our next OFBiz release to him.
## Health report:
 the project seems to be in an healthy phase: medium traffic in the
 mailing lists, good and friendly communication and collaboration; the
 committers group is slowly growing; we are behind of our schedule on
 releases because we are slowly progressing at making our system more
 secure in its default configuration (once completed, this work will
 address the CVEs reported)
## PMC changes:  
 - Currently 15 PMC members. 
 - No new PMC members added in the last 3 months 
 - Last PMC addition was Nicolas Malin on Mon Mar 23 2015 
## Committer base changes: 
 - Currently 40 committers. 
 - Gregory Draperi was added as a committer on Mon Mar 07 2016 
## Releases:
 - Last release was 13.07.02 on Sat May 23 2015
 - late schedule, upcoming releases
## Mailing list activity: 
 mailing list activity has been steady (in terms of number of
 subscribers and number of emails) and similar to the ones in
 previous quarters
## JIRA activity:   
 - 165 JIRA tickets created in the last 3 months 
 - 142 JIRA tickets closed/resolved in the last 3 months 
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