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The Apache OFBiz Project operates on a meritocracy: the more you do, the more responsibility you obtain. This page lists all of the people who have asked to become contributors.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor please also read OFBiz Contributors Best Practices

What is a Contributor?

A contributor is someone who contributes ideas, code or documentation (including updating our wiki) to the project

On 25th November 2014, we introduced a new policy that we would like all contributors of ideas, code and documentation to have a signed an Apache Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA).

See Mailing List Thread

What does it mean?

Signing an ICLA means that you understand that what you have contributed (or want to contribute) is subject to the Apache License and that you are happy to do this.  The ICLA is not tied to any employer you many have. Details of the Apache Licenses and Contributor License Agreements can be found at the link:

How to file an ICLA

NOTE: Only one ICLA only needs to be completed once regardless of the number of Apache projects to which you contribute.

How to Become a Contributor?

If you are willing to contribute to the project and want to join this group then please:

  1. Read the notes carefully and file an Individual  Contributor License Agreement (ICLA)
  2. Create confluence user id
  3. Send a message to the user mailing list (user at ofbiz dot apache dot org) with details of your confluence user id

and you will be added to the list.

How do you verify that my ICLA has been filed with the ASF?

This is how we check that your ICLA has been officially filed.

  1. The ASF publishes a list of all the ICLAs it has on file at the following link:  Persons with signed CLAs but who are not (yet) committers.
  2. When you file your ICLA, we verify that your name appears on this list.

How to add a photo in the "Photo / Avatar" column

  • Put a link to a photo of you (somewhere on the Net) in the column
  • Upload your photo as an attachment to this page and then use it in the column
  • Create an avatar at (it's actually a photo of you that you add there) and use the link in the column. You can then reuse this photo everywhere you need and update it when you need

Mentoring Programme

Many projects in the ASF are able to provide mentors for newcomers. In fact, most projects are happy to assist newcomers to their projects as part of their normal operations. However, some people are looking for more structure. The Mentor Programme of the The Apache Software Foundation provides additional support and structure for people looking to make an initial contribution to an ASF project.

The mentoring programme is not here to teach you to write documentation or code. It is here to help you understand how to make a valuable contribution to an Apache project. You can expect to be guided through our contribution processes. You can also expect to get technical support with respect to your chosen project. You cannot expect your mentor to be a "teacher", they will provide enough information for you to progress within the project. You need to bring the confidence to take their guidance and discover the detail for yourself.

Photo / Avatar




Wiki Username

ICLA Filed with ASF

Email Request sent to File ICLA

JIRA Contributors Group

Ejaz Ahmed

ejaz_ahmed at outlook dot com

ejaz_ahmed at outlook dot com

YASF Receipt confirmed 2/12/14Y

Dennis BalkirBielefeld, Germanydennis.balkir at ecomify.dedennis.balkirYASF receipt confirmed 8/12/17Y

Martin BeckerBielefeld, Germanymartin.becker at ecomify.demartin.beckerYASF Receipt confirmed 19/3/15Y

Sebastian BergBielefeld, Germanysebastian.berg at ecomify.desbergYASF receipt confirmed 6/2/20Y

Wissem Belguidoum
wbelguidoum at gmail dot comwbelguidoum at gmail dot comNY (26/11/14): As at 11/04/16 not on ASF listN

Shrenik Bhura
shrenik.bhura at intelliant dot net

shrenik.bhura at intelliant dot net

YASF receipt confirmed 16/3/16Y

Gareth Carter
gcarter dot mail at gmail dot com
YASF Receipt confirmed 12/04/16Y

Ivan Cauchi
falconict at gmail.comfalconict at gmail.comYASF Receipt confirmed 15/3/15Y

Daniel Coric
coric75 at gmail.comdcoricYASF Receipt confirmed 12/06/17Y

Darrell Donati
darrellofbiz at gmail dot comdarrellN

As at 11/04/16 not on ASF list


Harutyun FarajyanBielefeld, Germanyharutyun.farajyan at ecomify.deharutYASF receipt confirmed 4/3/20Y

Joel Fradkin
joelfradkin at gmail dot comjoelfradkinNY (28/11/14) : Filed 28/11/14. As at 11/04/16 not on ASF listY

Anahita Goljahani

anahita.goljahani at gmail dot comgoljaYn/aY

Ulrich HeidfeldBielefeld, Germany

ulrich.heidfeld at

uheidfeldYASF Receipt confirmed 07/01/19Y
Olivier HeintzFranceolivier.heintz at ofbizextra.orgholivierYICLA was filed a while ago but am including it here for completeness.Y

Rupert Howell
ruperthowell at provolve dot com
YICLA was filed a while ago but am including it here for completeness.Y

Arjun Kaushal
arjun.kaushal at hotwaxsystems dot comarjun.kaushalY
ASF Receipt confirmed

Chandan Khandelwal
chandan.khandelwal at hotwaxsystems dot comchandan.khandelwalY
ASF Receipt confirmed

Ingo RichterBielefeld, Germanyingo.richter at ecomify.deIngo RichterYASF receipt confirmed 18/11/19Y

Akash Jain
akash.jain at hotwaxmedia dot comakash.jainYICLA filed a while ago but including here for completeness


Vaibhav Jain
 vaibhav.jain at hotwaxsystems dot comvaibhav.jainYChecked 17/5/16 and appears on ASF ICLA listY

Amardeep Singh Jhajj
amardeep.jhajj at hotwaxmedia dot comamardeep.jhajjYASF Receipt confirmed 16/12/14 Receipt.(Listed as Amardeep)Y

Benjamin JuglBielefeld, Germanybenjamin.jugl at ecomify.debjuglYASF Receipt confirmed 19/01/2018Y

Sebastian LeitnerBielefeld, Germanysebastian.leitner at diginea.desleitnerY

ASF Receipt confirmed 26/6/2015


Yasith Lokuge

yasith1 at


NY (28/11/14) : As at 11/04/16 not on ASF listY

Simon Maskell

simon.maskell at itcabin dot co dot uk


NY (28/11/14): As at 11/04/16 not on ASF listY

David McNeillNew Zealanddavemc at mcpond dot co dot nzdavemcYASF Receipt confirmed 6/1/15Y

Jad El Omeiri
jad dot elomeiri at gmail dot com
jadelomeiriYASF Receipt confirmed 29/11/14Y

Sumit Pandit
meetsumit002 at gmail dot commeetsumit002 at gmail dot comN

Y (26/11/14) - Filed 28/11/14: As at 11/04/16 not on ASF list

(Harsha Chadhar also filed: As at 11/04/16 not on ASF list):


Please Sumit, choose 1 of your 2 Jira profiles

At Infra requests,  ask for deactivation of the username/s you no longer use

Craig Parker
craig at fossfolks dot comcraigYY (29/05/17) : Done 01/06/17Y

Brajesh Patel
brajeshpatel07 at gmail dot combrajeshpatel07 at gmail dot comYY (26/11/14): As at 11/04/16 not on ASF listY

Wiebke PätzoldBielefeld, Germanywiebke.paetzold at ecomify.dewpaetzoldYASF receipt confirmed 4/2/20Y

Paul Piper
pp at ilscipio dot commadppiperNY (26/11/14): As at 11/04/16 not on ASF list:Y

Georg PotthastAhlen, Germanynospam at georgpotthast.degeorgp24YICLA at 27th Sep 2020N

Forrest Rae
fbr at 14x.netfbr at 14x.netNY (28/11/14): As at 11/04/16 not on ASF listY

Nick Rosser
nrosser at solveda dot comnrosser at salmonllc dot comNY (26/11/14): As at 11/04/16 not on ASF listN

Paramjit Saini
paramjit.saini at viithiisys.comparamjitN

As at 11/04/16 not on ASF list.


Carsten Schinzer
carsten at dcs-verkaufssysteme dot dec_schinzerYASF Receipt confirmed 15/01/15Y

Kulwant SinghKulwantkulwantbughipura at gmail dot comkulwantbughipuraYASF Receipt confirmed 08/03/16Y

 Pierre SmitsThe Netherlandspierresmits at apache dot orgpierre.smits at gmail dot comYASF Receipt confirmed 10/10/14Y

Rishi Solanki
rishisolankii at gmail dot comrishisolankiiYASF Receipt confirmed 1/12/14Y

Giulio Speri Italy giulio.speri at mpstyle dot itgiulio.speri
YASF Receipt confirmed 12/04/17Y

Wai T.
bzb.ofbiz at gmail dot combzb dot dev001NY (28/11/14): As at 11/04/16 not on ASF listY
Ron WheelerMontrealrwheeler at artifact-software dot comronatartifactYASF Receipt confirmed 1/3/2014Y

Cheng JingNanjing

G.W. Haywood
ged at at 11/04/16 not on ASF listY

Rehan KhanIndiarehan.khan at hotwaxsystems dot comrehan.khanY

Aditi PatidarIndiaaditi.patidar at hotwaxsystems dot comaditiY

Ravi LodhiIndialodhiravi1 at gmail dot comravi.lodhiY
Pritam KuteIndiacoolpritambmt at gmail dot compritam.kuteY

Yashwant DhakadIndiadhakadyashwant at gmail dot comyashwant.dhakadY
Anurag at gmail dot comanuragchandakY

Rohit KoushalIndiarohit dot koushal at hotwaxsystems dot comrohit.koushalY

Avnindra SharmaIndiaavnindra dot sharma at hotwaxsystems dot comavnindra.sharmaY

Harsh VijaywargiyaIndiaharsh dot vijaywargiya at hotwaxsystems dot comharshvijayY
Rahul BhammarkerIndiabhammarkerrahul at gmail dot comrahul.bhammarkerY

Akshay ModakIndiaakshaymodak127 at gmail dot comakshayY

Sanjay YadavIndiasanjay.yadav at hotwaxsystems dot comsanjay.yadavY

Ankit JoshiIndiaitsankit91 at gmail dot comankit.joshiY

Arvind Singh TomarIndiaarvindtomar1206 at gmail dot comarvind.singhY

Shivangi TanwarIndiatanwar.shivangi319 at gmail dot comshivangi.tanwarY

Deepak BaghelIndiabaghel.deepak42 at gmail dot comdeepak.baghelY

Aman AgrawalIndiaaman dot agrawal at hotwaxsystems dot comaman.agrawalY

Chinmay PatidarIndiachinmay dot patidar at hotwaxsystems dot comchinmay.patidarY

Mohammad Kathawala


kathawala dot mohamma at


YASF receipt confirmed 14/06/16Y
Pradhan Yash SharmaIndiapradhanyashsharma20 at gmail dot comPradhanYashSharmaY

Gopal YadavIndiayadav.gopal43 at gmail dot comgopalyadavY

Renuka SrishtiIndiarenuka dot srishti93 at gmail dot comrenuka.srishtiY

Aditya PatwaIndiaaditya dot patwa at hotwaxsystems dot comaditya.patwaY

Anuj JainIndiaanuj dot jain at hotwaxsystems dot comanuj.jainY

Amit GadaleyIndiaamit dot gadaley at hotwaxsystems dot comamit.gadaleyY

Ankush UpadhyayIndiaankush dot upadhyay at hotwaxsystems dot comankush.upadhyayY

Tanmay MuleyIndiatanmay dot muley at hotwaxsystems dot comtanmay.muleyY

David ChenChinadavidchen at winwintech dot cndavidchenY

Aman MishraIndiaamit dot mishra at hotwaxsystems dot comaman.mishraY

Gaurav SainiIndiagauravsaini03 at gmail dot comgauravsaini03YAlready a committer on another ASF project so ICLA previously filedY

Archana AsthanaIndiaarchana dot asthana at hotwaxsystems dot comarchana.asthanaY

Shubham Agrawal


shubham dot agrawal at hotwaxsystems dot com



Shraddha MIndiashraddha at sunonetech dot comshraddhak     YASF receipt confirmed 05/06/20

Parakh MaheshwariIndiaparakh dot maheshwari at hotwaxsystems dot comparakh.maheshwariY

Nitish MishraIndianitish dot mishra at hotwaxsystems dot comnitish.mishraY

Akshay PatilIndiaakshay dot patil at hotwaxsystems dot comakshay.patilY

Saurabh DixitIndiasaurabh dot dixit at hotwaxsystems dot comsaurabh.dixitY

Pallavi GoyalIndiagoyalpallavi10 at gmail dot compallavi.goyalY

Ritesh KumarIndiaritesh dot kumar at hotwaxsystems dot comritesh.kumarY

Devanshu VyasIndiadevanshu dot vyas at hotwaxsystems dot comdevanshu.vyasY

Humera KhanIndiahumerakhan060 at gmail dot comhumera.khanY

Aishwary ShrivastavaIndiaaishwary dot shrivastava at hotwaxsystems dot comaishwaryY

Priya SharmaIndiapriya dot sharma dot 9362 at gmail dot compriya.sharma.9362Y

ASF receipt confirmed

Jul 18, 2017


Aayush JainIndia

jaayush770 at gmail dot com


Rubia Elza JosephIndiarubiaejoseph at gmail dot comrubia.josephY

Sakke FerrarisSwedensakke at ferrasys dot comferrarisY

Padmavati RawatIndiapadmavati dot rawat9 at gmail dot compadma.rawatY

Pawan VermaIndiapawan dot verma at hotwaxsystems at compawan.vermaY

Sonal PatwariIndiasonal dot patwari at hotwaxsystems dot comsonal.patwariY

Shikha JaiswalIndiashikha dot jaiswal at hotwaxsystems dot comshikha.jaiswalY

Praveen SharmaIndiapraveen dot sharma at hotwaxsystems dot compraveen.sharmaY

Pradeep ChoudharyIndiapradeep dot chaudhary at hotwaxsystems dot compradeep.choudhary1994Y

Sourabh JainIndiasourabh dot jain at hotwaxsystems dot comsourabh.jainY
Rohit RaiIndiarohit dot rai at hotwax systems dot comrohit.raiY

Dhawal WagelaIndiadhaval dot wagela at hotwaxsystems dot comdhaval.wagelaY

Garima JainIndiajaingarima2094 at gmail dot comgarima.jainY

Lalit DashoraIndialalit dot dashora at hotwaxsystems dot comlalit.dashoraY

Ujjawal SolankiIndiaujjawal775 at gmail dot comujjawal.solanki77Y

Yogesh NaroliyaIndiayogesh dot naroliya at hotwaxsystems dot comyogesh.naroliyaY

Anushi GuptaIndiaanushi dot gupta at hotwaxsystems dot comanushi.gupta10Y

Prasheel SoniIndiaprasheel dot soni at hotwaxsystems dot comprasheel.soniY

Ayushi RathodIndiaayushirathod44 at gmail dot comayushirathod44Y


Rajesh Kumar MallahIndiamallah at redgrape dot techrmallahY

Prakhar KumarIndiaprakhar dot kumar at hotwaxsystems dot comtprakhar.kumarY

Ratnesh UpadhyayIndiaupadhyay dot ratnesh at gmail dot com

Sandeep KoseIndiasandeep dot kose at gmail dot comsandeep.koseY


(unable to find JIRA account associated with user)

Chandrashekhar DhakadIndiacdhakad37 at gmail dot comchandrashekharY

Julian Smith

YASF Reciept confirmed 11/09/17Y

Woosang Jung
dragonforever at gmail dot comdragonforeverYASF Reciept confirmed 17/11/17


David Child
chagharu at gmail dot comchagharuY

Paul Mandeltort
paul at flyb dot acmandeltortYASF Receipt confirmed 19/12/17Y

Mayank LambhateIndiamayank dot lambhate at hotwaxsystems dot commayank.lambhateYASF Receipt confirmed 27/01/18Y

Tim Boyden

trboydenYASF Receipt confirmed 15/02/18Y


Mathieu Lirzin France mathieu.lirzin@nereide.frmlirzinYASF Receipt confirmed 19/04/18

Wolfgang RauchholzSpainwp.rauchholz@gmail.comwp.rauchholzYASF Receipt confirmed 23/05/18

Girish VasmatkarIndiagirishvas at gmail dot comgirish.vasmatkarYASF Receipt confirmed 17/08/18Y

Deepak NigamIndiadeepaknigam.1990 at gmail dot comdeepak.nigamYASF Receipt confirmed 17/08/18Y

Rashi DhagatIndiarashidhagat24 at gmail dot comrashidhagat24Y

Sasikant BiswalIndiasasikant dot biswal at hotwaxsystems dot comsasikant.biswalY

Vivek Singh BisenIndiasingh dot vivek599 at gmail dot comsingh.vivek599Y

Ashish Kumar PandeyIndiaashish3133126 at gmail dot comashish.pandeyY

Sourabh PunyaniIndia

Shubham BhalseIndiashubham dot bhalse at hotwaxsystems dot comshubham.bhalseY

Kumar RahulIndiakumar dot rahul at hotwaxsystems dot comkumar.rahulY

Arpit MorIndiaarpit dot mor at hotwaxsystems dot comarpit.morY

Rohit HukkeriIndiarohit dot hukkeri at hotwaxsystems dot comrohit.hukkeriY

Ashish SharmaIndiaashish dot sharma at hotwaxsystems dot comashish.sharmaYASF Receipt confirmed 13/01/19Y

Sakthivel Vellingiri

info dot integrin at gmail dot cominfo.integrinYASF Receipt confirmed 11/03/19N

Minal PhalakIndiaminal dot phalak at hotwaxsystems dot comminal.phalakY

Kaustubh ChoudharyIndiakaustubh dot choudhary at hotwaxsystems dot comkaustubh.choudharyYASF Receipt confirmed 28/04/19Y

Jayansh ShindeIndiajayansh dot shinde at gmail dot comjayansh.shindeYASF Receipt confirmed 28/04/19Y

Rahul PunaseIndiarahul dot punase at hotwaxsystems dot comrahul.punase     Y

Rahul ChohalIndiarahul dot chohal at hotwaxsystems dot comrahul.chohalYASF Receipt confirmed 22/05/2019Y

Vaibhav HoodIndiavaibhav dot hood at hotwaxsystems dot comvaibhav.hoodYASF Receipt confirmed 22/05/2019Y

Rushikesh MawalIndiarushikesh dot mawal at hotwaxsystems dot comrushikesh.mawalYASF Receipt confirmed 22/05/2019Y

Shubham ChoudharyIndiashubham dot choudhary at hotwaxsystems dot comshubham.choudharyYASF Receipt confirmed 22/05/2019Y

Komal DayleIndiakomal dot dayle at hotwaxsystems dot comkomal.dayleYASF Receipt confirmed 22/05/2019Y

Kirti AroraIndiakirti dot arora at hotwaxsystems dot comkirti.aroraYASF Receipt confirmed 22/05/2019Y

Rahul MarjiweIndiarahul dot marjiwe at hotwaxsystems dot comrahul.marjiweYASF Receipt confirmed 22/05/2019Y

Prachi ShastriIndiaprachi dot shastri at hotwaxsystems dot comprachi.shastriYASF Receipt confirmed 22/05/2019Y

Harman KaurIndiaharman dot kaur at hotwaxsystems dot comharman.kaurYASF Receipt confirmed 22/05/2019Y

Deepa BarfaIndiadeepa dot barfa at hotwaxsystems dot comdeepa.barfaYASF Receipt confirmed 25/07/2019Y

Shivanand ChhatreIndiashivanand dot chhatre at hotwaxsystems dot comshivanand.chhatreYASF Receipt confirmed 22/05/2019Y

Visvendra Singh RajpootIndiavisvendra at noitechnologies dot com

Nicola MazzoniItalynicola dot mazzoni at mpstyle dot itnicola.mazzoniYASF Receipt 20/09/2019Y

Bajarang AgarwalIndiabajarang at lucentasolutions dot combajarangY

Daniel WatfordUKdaniel at watfordconsulting dot comdanwatfordY

Praveeen PatilIndiapraveen dot patil athotwaxsystems dot compraveen.patilY

ASF Receipt confirmed


Dominic AmannCanadadominic at lbs dot cadimonicYASF Receipt confirmed 29/10/2020

Sumiti JoshiIndiasumiti dot joshi twenty seven at gmail dot comsumiti.joshi27Y


Eugen StanRomâniaeugen dot stan at netdava dot comieugenY~ 2011Y
Please note that project contributions are not only about providing patches through Jira. Participation in discussions on the mailing lists, updating documentation on the wiki and testing patches are also ways that contributions can be made to the project.

Corporate Contributor License Agreements (CCLA)


Many standard employee agreements include clauses that give an employer ownership of any work created by their employees regardless of whether it is done during company time or not. If you want to contribute to OFBiz but you have this type of agreement with your employer then you must get an authorized person from your company to complete a "Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A Corporate CLA does not remove the need for every Apache project contributor to sign their own Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) to cover any of their contributions which are not owned by the employer signing the CCLA.


If your company has any employees contributing work to Apache projects (e.g. code, documentation, etc) as part of their employment then it is important that you complete a "Corporate Contributor License Agreement" (CCLA). By completing the CCLA you are waiving any ownership rights of the work your employees contribute to Apache.

NOTE: A CCLA only needs to be completed once regardless of the number of Apache projects to which your company contributes.

How to file a CCLA

  1. Read, complete and sign this form:
  2. Email a scan of the signed copy to

Companies with Corporate Contributor License Agreements (CCLA) for OFBiz contributions

  • Hotwax Media
  • Open Source Strategies
  • Nereide
  • Hallmark Southwest Corporation
  • ecomify GmbH, Germany
  • Netdava International -