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A case study by Pierre Smits


As we all know, OFBiz is the multi-headed dragon that can be used in various market sectors and its feature set is applicable in several business domains, at Small, Medium and Large enterprises. Though most may perceive it as a solution for doing market places and e-commerce, It is very well suited for the manufacturing (or producing) enterprise, and that applies to both discrete (assembly) and process-oriented manufacturing.

At the recent Apachecon EU 2014 event in Budapest, Hungary from Nov. 17th to Nov. 19th, I held a talk about how we at ORRTIZ.COM implemented OFBiz in 2012 as a production management solution at a brewery in Italy.

The Talk

My talk - Apachecon2014 - Brewing with OFBiz (a case study) - touches on several aspects of a small/medium sized brewery, the cultural differences between a brewer and the business consultant/implementer, the changes in the ways of working. It also highlights on what was needed beyond an ootb implementation of OFBiz.

Should you have any questions and/or remarks regarding this talk or about OFBiz implementation (both in general or in a specific business domain), feel free to contact me through the OFBiz mailing list or directly

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