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This page is my idea of how should be used the Dashboard into OFBiz.

I have put it in a form of End User Documentation but, of course, at this stage it does not apply to what is implemented into OFBiz.

This is only intended to share the idea with, IMO, the best efficiency (hopefully, if we agree and implement like this, we have already a piece of documentation drafted (wink) )

The Dashboard is the first page you see when you login to OFBiz.

You can customize your own dashboard selecting many different types of information, depending on your areas of interest.

The single pieces of information that are available in the OFBiz system are called Portlets. You can select the portlets you need to have always handy and place them on the Dashboard.

You can even organize the Dashboard into several pages. Each page will have a title and a description that you can set as you like, these will be shown in the header.

Every OFBiz user has the "Default" dashboard page already configured by OFBiz itself.
The Default dashboard page includes the following portlets:
...... TBD .....

Available portlets include:

Incoming customer request

TODO: Portlet description 


My communication

TODO: Portlet description


Other communications

TODO: Portlet description


My company comms

TODO: Portlet description


My tasks

TODO: Portlet description


My timesheet

TODO: Portlet description


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  1. It would be nice if the screenshots were based on tomahawk.