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Attached are various Microsoft Visio Drawings of the data model packages in OFBiz.  These grouping do not show relationships (3000+ relationships can get awfully confusing), rather they show how the entities are currently grouped together.

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  1. Hi Chris,

     Interesting, but is that normal that Product.vsd is so big with just some empty rectangles in it ?

  2. Unknown User (cjhowe)

    Products.vsd should work.

    1. Thankyou Chris, it's ok now.

      One think that w'd be very valuable is the ability to print this documents in an utilisable format (multi-pages). Actually, Andy made some vsd documents some time ago. I post them here (attachements). There is and old (2003) but complete OFBiz data model. Perhaps they are not so deprecated and someone may update them.

      There is also a gif file, I attach it too.

      These documents are also available at see

      Data Model Documents & Diagrams

      • Availble Here

       The direct link is

      If someone upgrade these documents, please notify OFBiz dev ML in order to avoid duplication...


    2. Unknown User (cjhowe)

      I started to mess with the models Andy had made, but because of how many relationships exist in OFBiz I chose the following approach.

      1. Group entities by package name
      2. Regroup the entities so that the major relationships can be seen more clearly and the minor relationships can be shown in less importnance (in visio, by making their transparancy around 95%). 
      3. Make application pages of what part of the data model they are manipulating

      This hopefully will make it:

      • less busy looking
      • more apparent where best practices aren't being used
      • more apparent where similar concepts have already been introduced