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Using the user mailing list to announce third party products, services and initiatives based on or related to OFBiz is allowed under the following conditions:

  • the message contains useful information for the OFBiz users
  • the message announces new and noteworthy information: repeating posts with similar contents are not allowed
  • the message is in a new thread, using a special subject starting with "[MARKETING]..."; in order to guarantee that marketing messages don't distract or confuse OFBiz users, it is not allowed to publish them in response to other messages
  • the message clearly states that the third party products, services, initiatives are not endorsed by the ASF or by the OFBiz community
  • the message is not detrimental for the OFBiz project; promoting a 3rd product should not be in the form of: OFBiz is bad, my product is good. Instead it should convey a positive message about OFBiz and, for example, should focus on the strengths of OFBiz and the peculiar features of the product. While it's fine to provide constructive criticism for OFBiz, if it is part of an healthy open discussion, it isn't fine to criticize OFBiz and promote 3rd party products in a single thread on the OFBiz mailing lists.
  • the third party is respectful of all the Apache Software Foundation values and policies and specifically the code of conduct and the use of ASF trademarks
  • discussions about or questions regarding the third party products, services and initiatives should not take place in the OFBiz mailing lists


Please note the following:

  • This policy is effective from 17th December 2016 (i.e what has happened in the past is not important)
  • Any third parties that are planning to use the OFBiz mailing lists for a marketing related initiative, and are not unsure if the format is compliant with the new policy, are invited to contact the OFBiz PMC ( and optionally cc
  • As it is already a prerogative of the PMC, repeated violations will be treated similarly as any other behaviour potentially harmful for the community; each case will be carefully evaluated and the minimal and most effective action for the specific case will be taken with the goal of correcting rather than punishing.
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  1. We should remove this page since it's now a strict duplicate of a part of  (I compared)
    Apart the note which I have currently any idea about what to do with.

  2. I disagree. This is an official project policy that was introduced so needs to stored along with all other official project policies and guidelines that we have adopted. We shouldn't have to rely on people finding a small paragraph about it on our website. If someone was looking for it on website they wouldnt be able to find it easily unless they knew where to look. Being on the wiki it can be put into a specific section and is also searchable. Perhaps we should mention it on the website and include a link on the website to the policy page.


  3. OK Sharan, no problem with me (smile)

  4. I suggest to include  'Policy' in this and other, similar documents, as well as date of inception and references to the mailing list discussion(s) and vote(s).

    E.g.: 'Policy -  Directions to Limit Unfair Marketing Messages on the OFBiz Mailing Lists'