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Framework Introduction Videos and Diagrams

These videos are QuickTime movies and use the new H.264 encoding. This provides great compression while maintaining good quality. To view these videos you will need QuickTime 7 or later. These movies are 1024x768 (8fps), and are recorded directly from the screen so the text should be consistently readable. The video streams (H264) vary from ~150kbps to ~500kbps and the audio (AAC) runs at ~32kbps.

These files can be streamed, but chances are you will want to view them over time or multiple times, so please save them as a local file rather than viewing the stream. An alternative is to use Vimeo (preferred) or YouTube, see links at the bottom.

These videos cover an overview of the framework. For complete coverage of the Apache OFBiz framework take a look at the continuation of these videos in the Advanced Framework Package from HotWax Media. This includes 23.5 additional hours of video, a complete copy of the quick reference book, and a complete transcription of both the Framework Introduction and the Advanced Framework videos. The transcription is great for taking notes, reading along, and quick reference over time.

Supporting PDF Documents (sponsored by HotWax Systems)

OFBiz Framework Introduction Videos (sponsored by HotWax Systems)

OFBiz Framework Introduction Videos
There is also this page in Vimeo (thanks to Jeroen van der Wal)

OFBiz Framework Introduction Videos
And now the same on YouTube (thanks to Bruno Busco)

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  1. Video #4 and #9 are missing. Can you please upload them.


    1. Can't you use Vimeo or Youtube instead?