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Based on the feedback raised in on the mailing list discussion. . We would like to start some refactoring work to tidy and clean up areas of the framework.

What is the overall goal and what do we want to achieve?

Our overall goal is to tidy up the existing code to make it easier for us to maintain and improve.

What is re-factoring?

Refactoring is the cleaning, tidying or improving the existing code yet keeping the same functionality. If you want to know more, here you go!

Why do we want to do this re-factoring?

Refactoring is something that tends to happen naturally over time as code evolves. We have identified some key areas that could really benefit from an refactoring effort so would like to promote these areas for active clean up and refactor.

The key benefits of any refactor is cleaner, neater and simpler code.

What sort of issues have been identified that the re-factoring could help with?

Looking at some of the OFBiz code we have identified some of the following:

  • Some of the classes have been extended from external libraries into the Core APs
  • Some of the files are too long
  • Different levels of abstractions are mixed together
  • Poor test coverage, lack of Test Driven Development
  • Implicit (hidden) dependencies

It looks like a lot of work - is it worth it?

Yes, it will be a lot of work . There are a lot of areas that could do with re-factoring but if we can engage the community to help then this workload can be shared.

Yes, we do believe that it is worth the effort. The main benefit will be a cleaner, tidier code base that will allow us a lot the flexibility to grow and interface to a range of technologies easily. 

Want to help?

Add your coordinates to the Current Team.

Take a look at:

If you see a task that someone has taken on that you would like to work on, contact the person to see how you can help.

If you see a task that is not assigned that you want to start, put your name down and create a JIRA to start the task if one has not already been created.

If you see a task from the list of other things that need doing, that you want to work on, add it to the table of activities, create a JIRA and assign it to yourself.

If you decide to get involved

If after you've taken a look at what we want to do and you are keen to help then please read the section on coding practices. One of the goals of the re-factoring is to improve the quality of the design and code.

The application of modern coding practices and design patterns is the key to achieving  these goals.

Not sure where to start? Need more information?

 If you'd like to help out but are not sure where to start then please contact our development mailing list or leave a comment on this page.


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  1. Hello,

    I want to contribute in refactoring the code but don't to where to start.


  2. Check out the "Want to Help" section above.