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This survey vote was designed to used as a community vote to select an OFBiz logo. An email was posted to both user and dev mailing lists with a link to the survey vote and it was open to anyone from the community. .

Community  Details:

  • It was conducted over the period 22nd - 25th July 2016.
  • A total of 31 responses were recorded and the details are recorded below. One response was invalid so has not been included in any of the graph summaries.

Survey Catchment

The vote attracted a input from a wide range of countries.

  • The majority of responses came from India, followed by France
  • It was good to see such an international community presence



Response Frequency

  • The vote was open for 5 days (22nd - 26th July 2016)
  • The majority of votes occurred on the first day



Vote Questions

  1. Question 1: Do you prefer Option 1;  based on our existing logo?   
  2. Question 2: Do you prefer Option 2;  based on the correct OFBiz spelling and the new Apache feather for the new OFBiz logo?
  3. Question 3: Do you prefer Option 3;  based on the old  OFBiz  power button for the new OFBiz logo?


  • Only one option could be voted for
  • Additional comment boxes were added for possible feedback

Additional Comments for Option 1 were as follows:

  1. Because it reminds me a music score sheet. Is looks as fluent as a music =))
  2. Just a thought, can we make 'B' capital in this. If not, still I like this. Thanks!
  3. too old fashion, don't respect caps OFB in the logo, feather colors are wrong.

Additonal Comments for Option 2 were as follows:

  1. my second option
  2. The nib on the first option would be better on this

Additional Comments for Option 3 were as follows:

  1. I prefer to have it in the same color as Apache to distinct from the OFBiz name (to not read COFBiz)
  2. Hesitation between first and third choice. the second is the worst ;)
  3. Not fan af the color, but seems the best logo, fresh and new. I particularly like monochrom


One person voted for 2 options instead of one so that vote has been removed from the figures.

Vote Result





 Option 1: Existing LogoOption 2: Correct Spelling & New Apache FeatherOption 3: OFBiz Power ButtonTOTAL
Number of Votes:881430



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  1. So, arguably most people voted for a variation of the current ofbiz logo. Cool!

  2. If the resulting votes for the options only list 30 valid votes (3rd graph), shouldn't the other two graphs (1st: spread across countries, 2nd: spread across the voting period) not also be corrected to reflect only valid votes?

    1. OK - I can correct that. Thanks. It's done.