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Main New Features In The OFBiz Trunk


This page is no longer maintained. We will now use JIRA for that. See Change logs, here is example for the upcoming branch. You might also want to follow  OFBiz's official mensual blog posts (smile). It contains also bug fixes and more...

These features correspond to main trunk changes since Release 4.0 (for children pages which contain the previous years changes, click on the tree icon into the left panel).

As always, OFBiz releases represent stable code while trunk includes the latest and greatest functionalities.

December 2013

  • Framework
    • It's not new but was not working for a moment. The geo location works again, for both Google Map and OpenLayers

November 2013

  • Framework
    • Introduced Tomcat's JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener (read why at OFBIZ-5395), most useful when used with an external applicaiton server (whith redeployment phases)

October 2013

  • Framework
    • It's now possible to use a port offset parameter to run an instance on another set of ports (all are handled with the offset). See ant -p for more, look for "portoffset". It works also for tests (ant run-tests) but a weird issue with testSOAPSimpleService service, so I did not commit this part yet.

June 2013

  • Framework
    • More Czech translations
    • Allow to dynamically set the log level for a class or package

May 2013

  • Framework
    • Added a mean to collect and show the Requests Events durations using Metrics framework added (there is no threshold handling for event metrics)
    • Some more Russian common labels

April 2013

  • Framework
    • Added the possibility to force the user to reset his password in a pre-defined regular interval of time
    • Some more Russian common labels

Februrary 2013

Complete Chinese translation

January 2013

  • Framework
    • Allow a whole controller or/and request/s to override a default 302 in case of redirect


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  1. Unknown User (

    This list is partially helpful,

    There needs to be a base list, by feature/component which needs to have regular updates.

    Is such a list maintained somewhere ?

    1. No, but you may help to build it...

      1. Unknown User (sewilco)

        The list is needed.  People can't tell if they want this software if they don't know what it does.  I suggest that each component which adds a feature include a Feature section, so a script can assemble the list of features from the DocBook output.  Each feature probably needs to include a category tag, so features can be grouped by categories in the list.

    2. Unknown User (sewilco)

      There is a partial list now at Feature summary

      It needs improvement by someone who knows what's available.

      1. Hi Scot,

        Did you also use the old list David created some years ago ?

        Thanks for your help!