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This document serves as a repository for general material related to OFBiz marketing and branding. The main objectives are:

All source material provided should cover the benefits of Apache OFBiz, help to explain the overall technical background and outline project concepts. The material is aimed at implemeters, who wish to present the information to their potential clients and for everyone who wants to read up on source material.

Attached to this page are various marketing and branding resources for Apache OFBiz


  • Link this page into Draft Marketing and Communication Roadmap
  • Update logo for Marketing and Brand re-alignment - WIP
  • Promote use of current versions of project logos
  • Archive Previous versions of OFBiz logo
  • Develop a set of common generic marketing material (integrator independent)
  • Review and update ofbiz website information
  • Investigate use of social media to increase awareness of project (LinkedIn , Possible Twitter trial - etc)

Logo SVG Files

  • The svg files can be edited and resized with the open source package Inkscape.

Logo Colours and Fonts

  • OFBIz Orange = #E05D30
  • Apache Purple = #282662
  • Power Gradient = 0% - #282662, 25% - #792B81, 50% - #CB2039, 75% - DB4F32, 100% - #F69A25
  • Apache Font = Montserrat Light
  • OFBiz Font = Open Sans Bold Italic with custom corner rounding on each 90 degree top left and bottom right corners

Reverse Logo (White)

  • There are also white versions of the logo (with and without the word Apache) and also the power button. This is for use on dark backgrounds or themes.


Statistics & Market Information

Add link to community surveys plus any other information eg Wikipedia, Gartner report etc

Links & Websites

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  1. The most important thing about this page is not the text but the attachments. They contain our OFBiz logos. If they are only on the wiki they can be deleted by anyone - I think that's why this page exists in a restricted place.

    The text on this page can be removed - but I think we need to keep our logos in this workspace somewhere.

  2. OK - I will take another look at that other page too - just to check. Also do you know if I need to upload the logo to Apache somewhere? I thought they also keep a version of our logo on file...

    1. Hi Sharan,

      I have finally pit the other page in the trash can after checking nothing relevant was still sitting there. I copied the possible relevant content, I let you decide about it, notably the points you created and I put in the todo section. Thanks!

  3. I believe for consistency reason we should not duplicates images everywhere. It's clearly too much work to keep an history of our logos. And if we really want to do that we should rather use link to where it's best maintained: from our svn repo. With old logo in releases branches if we want.

    There is another place where we should clean things: our main site, the same could apply: links to our svn repo.