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  1. Kudos to all persons who participated (I did not (wink) ), great collaborative work!

  2. It would be great if we could add a column in reports to specify the releases fixed. Thanks for all your volunteer work!

  3. Guys, Just wondering why we need such cross references in Wiki to JIRA. Wouldn't it be nice to keep the changes only in JIRA instead of additional documentation on the Wiki? I see the same information (Issue, Summary, Test Scenarios) is already available on the JIRA so is there any good reason to keep the duplicate information on Wiki when JIRA is mostly suited for archiving such information?

     Jacques, I think for released fixed the reports can be extracted from the JIRA if the guidelines for resolving tickets from Jacopo are put to right use.What do you think?

  4. I think it's good to have these reports because you have a quick summary of the effort, notably for history reason. Now if we can generate the same report automatically it would be of no use indeed. Also if it's a burden to support, I don't see an imperious need.

    Mmm... while thinking about, it would not be as complete as Bug Crush Testing Reports, but by just adding the label "Bug Crush Testing Report" (with the date as other label) in each related JIRA issues, we could easily grab most of the information with JIRA searches, notably the fixed releases I was asking for.

    Anyway this in the hands fo the HWM team, so I let them decide, of course.

    1. Yes, its a quick summary and a milestone for OFBiz and indeed a great effort. Are we planning to use this info on the news section (marketing etc.) on the site or this is just for reference, if so I still think we are just duplicating the information when the same information can be referenced from JIRA. I know this is not the right platform to discuss it but just a food for thought considering the recent cleanup effort of the documentation.

  5. I agree with Vikas. I'm not sure if the wiki is the right place to put information which we already have in Jira. It also seems to be a non-continued effort.

    I will move this page to the Trash page for further review and discussion on how to deal with it.