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What is a Community Day?

A Community Day is when every OFBiz community member is invited to work solely on OFBiz bugs, improvements, new features, testing etc. Essentially the community will be working together to achieve something that will benefit OFBiz.

Do I have to participate?

No. Participation is in any of our Community Days is completely optional. You choose whether you participate or not. It is also up to you how much time you spend. Whether you spend an hour or a full day - all participation is happily accepted.

When are the Community Days?

The community days are organized once per quarter so a total of four (4) events throughout the year.

Please refer this document for OFBiz Community Days dates.

In the weeks leading up to a Community Day we will post reminders on the mailing lists and also indicate if there are any specific tasks that we would like to accomplish on the day.

What can I do on a Community Day?

There are a range of tasks that you can do on a Community Day and you don't need to be a developer to participate. See below of some ideas for Community Day tasks

1. Documentation Updates (both website and wiki)
2. Bug Fixes
3. Improvements
4. Testing
5. New Features

Documentation Updates

We have a lot work related to documentation. We have done some work tidying up our Technical Documentation and next we would like to focus on the End User Documentation but help with any documentation is always welcome. We are consolidating all our documentation into the Wiki so will be moving documents from the End User Documentation workspace.Some of the key tasks we need help with are :

  • Writing End User Documentation for the Wiki - we need help filling in any documentation gaps
  • Reviewing the existing documentation - we may have information that is now out of date or has been duplicated and need help identifying these
  • Updating existing documentation - correcting existing documentation and making sure all that it is up to date

Bug Fixing

We use JIRA to report and manage any reported bugs. We need people to help us review the list of outstanding bugs and help us resolve them. You can help us by

  • Reviewing the list of open JIRA issues an assigning yourself to an open issue - (NOTE: Contributors can now assign themselves to JIra issues and this lets us know that you are working on them)
  • Providing a patch for a JIRA issue (If you are not setup as a contributor you can still help us by providing a patch for a reported problem - just attach the patch to the issue and add a comment with the details)


If you are working in a particular area and have ideas for improvements to existing functionality then please share your ideas and /or your patches.

  • Create a JIRA for the improvement and make sure it is flagged as an 'Improvement'
  • If you have a patch created that will implement the improvement then please attach it to the JIRA for testing and review


  • Review JIRA issues and confirm if the original reported issue still exists (we have a lot of issues that may now be out of date but haven't been closed )
  • Test patches that have been submitted by community members to fix issues (before we can commit these we need a thorough test that the patch works and doesn't break any existing functionality)
  • Creating automated tests using JUnit or Selenium

New Features

If there are features that you want to include in OFBiz then please share your experience and ideas

  • Create a JIRA for the new feature or wish and make sure it it flagged correctly
  • If you have a patch or code that you would like to contribute then please attach it to the JIRA for testing and review

How will the Community Day be organised?

This is a community event so everyone as a part of the community can decide what they want to work on. If there are specific work tasks that a group of people want to work on together then that is also fine.  There is no formal organisation or management but we will be:

  • Posting reminders on the mailing lists leading up to a Community Day
  • Trying to capture statistics around the number of issues worked on (We will need to rely on JIRA for this)
  • Trying to capture information around any documentation worked on
  • Carrying out a survey after the Community Day to help provide feedback about the Community Day and any possible improvements for the future

OFBiz Chat

You can access the OFBiz room for chat, interactive collaboration or mentoring at the following link:  The OFBiz channel @ slack

Note: To chat with users and developers of Apache OFBiz.
Please create a Slack account using this invite link and join the #ofbiz channel. Please do not ask OFBiz questions in the #general channel.

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  1. The OFBiz channel on Skype will close coming Saturday (Sept 3rd, 2016).