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Apache OFBiz EZBiz


Many organizations only need a small subset of the features available in Apache OFBiz (sometimes as little 5-10% of the functionality). That small subset will vary for different organizations. Some have employees or contractors and others do not. Some need to track inventory and others do not. Some need to record purchase invoices and manage outgoing cash flow while others simply pay expenses and record them when they pay them.

The EZBiz application in Apache OFBiz will offer a simplified user interface and organization, and will offer configurable complexity to meet the needs of a wide variety of small and medium sized organizations. This will simplify initial use for these organizations and share data with the rest of OFBiz to provide an easy upgrade path to a more fully featured and scalable solution as the organization and its needs grow. In addition both EZBiz and the other OFBiz applications are highly customizable to be able to accommodate whatever an organization might need without the need for total custom software or a large number of small solutions that require redundant data entry and suffer generally from inconsistency and inefficiency.

EZBiz will have similarities with many commercial solutions that target smaller organizations including Peachtree, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Microsoft Office Accounting, Simply Accounting, etc.

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