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  1. Verify home page and login page.

  2. Verify category navigation.

  3. Verify product page and product search.

  4. Verify login and update personal information.

  5. Verify shopping cart and checkout page.

  6. Verify account information and View order history.


  1. Invoices
    1. Validate create invoice type functionality.

    2. Validate find invoice type functionality in order to search the data.

    3. Verify find sales invoice for commission run.

    4. Validate find sales invoice for commission run functionality.

  2. Payment
    1. Validate create new payment functionality in order to create a payment against the party.

    2. Validate find payment functionality.

    3. Validate find sales invoices by due date functionality.

    4. Verify find purchase invoice by due date functionality.

  3. Payment Group
    1. Validate create payment group functionality.

    2. Validate search payment group functionality.

  4. Transaction
    1. Validate the authorize functionality.

    2. Validate the capture functionality

    3. Validate the find Gateway Response functionality.

    4. Validate the manual electronic transaction functionality.

    5. Validate find payment gateway config functionality.

    6. Validate find payment gateway config types functionality.

    7. Validate create new Billing Account(s) functionality.

    8. Validate find create new Billing Account(s) functionality.

  5. Financial Account
    1. Validate the create new Financial Account functionality.

    2. Validate the advanced search functionality

    3. Validate the find Financial Account functionality.

  6. Validate create new Tax Authority functionality.

  7. Agreement

    1. Validate the create Agreement  functionality

    2. Validate the find Agreement functionality

  8. Fixed Assets
    1. Validate create new Fixed Assets functionality.

    2. Validate the find Fixed Assets functionality.

  9. Account TransactionsValidate the Reports generation functionality.
    1. Validate search Account Reconciliations functionality.

    2. Validate create an Accounting Transaction functionality.

    3. Validate the quick create an Accounting Transaction functionality.

    4. Validate the unposted Accounting Transactions functionality.

    5. Validate the search Accounting Transaction functionality.

    6. Validate the Accounting Transaction entries functionality.

Order Management System

  1. Request

    1. Create new request by filling all mandatory information.

    2. Verify request overview page.

    3. Verify request roles.

    4. Verify request items.

    5. Verify request content. 


    1. Verify view quote page

    2. Verify quote roles

    3. Verify quote items

    4. Verify quote notes

    5. Verify quote attributes

    6. Verify quote prices

    7. Verify quote profit

    8. Verify quote Work efforts

    9. Verify quote term

  3. Order List

    1. Verify Print Pick sheet section.

    2. Verify Contact information section.

    3. Verify Payment information section.

    4. Verify Shipment information section.

    5. Verify Order item section.

  4. Verify Find Order functionality.

  5. Order Entry

    1. Verify Sales Order entry functionality.

    2. Verify Purchase Order entry functionality.

  6. Verify Returns
  7. Verify Requirement

  8. Verify All the reports generated by the system


  1. Validate Create Picklist.

  2. Validate Manage Picklist.

  3. Validate Pack Order functionality.

  4. Validate Receiving Inventory functionality.

  5. Verify Product Overview and Manage variances.

  6. Verify Inventory count functionality.

  7. Verify Stock Movement functionality.

  8. Verify Shipment functionality.

  9. Verify Account Reconciliation entries functionality.

  10. Verify Accounting transactions entries functionality.


  1. Verify Party search functionality.

  2. Verify Party view page.

  3. Verify Communication functionality.

  4. Verify Visit list.

  5. Verify logged-in user’s information.

  6. Verify Party classification functionality.

  7. Verify Security group functionality.

  8. Verify Import/Export functionality.

Catalog Management

  1. Catalog

    1. Validate find Catalog functionality.

    2. Create new  Product Catalog  by filling all mandatory information.

  2. Categories

    1. Validate Find Category functionality

    2. Validate create new Category by filling all mandatory information.

    3. Validate search options functionality by searching category with filter.

  3. Products

    1. Validate find product functionality.

    2. Validate create new Product functionality.

    3. Validate edit Product tags functionality.

  4. Feature

    1. Validate Find and Edit Feature type functionality.

    2. Validate create Feature type functionality.

    3. Validate Find and Edit Feature Group functionality.

    4. Validate Create Feature Group functionality.

    5. Validate Find and Edit Feature Category functionality.

    6. Validate Create Feature Category functionality.

    7. Validate Create Feature interaction functionality.

    8. Validate Find and Edit Feature interaction functionality.

  5. Promotion Code

    1. Validate Find and Edit Product Promo code functionality.

    2. Validate Create Promotion Code functionality.

  6. Global Price Rules

    1. Validate find price rules functionality.

    2. Validate add rice rule functionality.

  7. Stores

    1. Validate Find Product Store functionality.

    2. Validate Create New Product Store functionality.

  8. Product Store Group

    1. Validate Find Product Store Group functionality.

    2. Validate Create New Product Store Group functionality.

  9. Validate Search Options functionality by searching thesaurus with filter.

  10. Validate Search Options functionality by searching Reviews with filter.

  11. Configurations

    1. Validate Find Config Items functionality.

    2. Validate Create New Config Items functionality.

  12. Subscriptions

    1. Validate Find Subscription Resource functionality.

    2. Validate Create New Subscription functionality.

  13. Shipping

    1. Validate Find and Edit Shipment Method Types functionality.

    2. Validate Find and Edit Quantity Breaks functionality.

    3. Validate Find and Edit Carrier Shipment Methods functionality.

  14. Image Management

    1. Validate Upload image process in Image Management Application.

    2. Validate Manage, Approve, Rejected, Recently Approved, Replace, Resize Thumbnail Image Size Existing In Product.

Human Resources

  1. Validate Find and Manage employee functionality.

  2. Verify Employments manage functionality.

  3. Verify Employee positions and Salaries.

  4. Validate Performance review functionality.

  5. Verify Employee Qualification, Skills and Experience functionality.

  6. Validate Recruitment and Employment Application functionality.

  7. Validate Training functionality.

  8. Verify Employee Leave functionality.


  1. Data Source and Data source type

    1. Validate Create  Data Source Functionality.

    2. Validate View Data Source Functionality.

    3. Validate Create Data Source Type Functionality.

    4. Validate View Data Source Type Functionality.

  2. Marketing Campaign
    1. Validate create Marketing Campaign Functionality.
    2. Validate view Marketing Campaign Functionality.
  3. Tracking code and Tracking code type

    1. Validate create Tracking Code functionality.

    2. Validate view Tracking Code functionality.

    3. Validate create Tracking Code Type functionality.

    4. Validate view Tracking code functionality.

  4. Segment

    1. Validate New Segment Group functionality.

    2. Validate View and Find  New Segment Group functionality.

  5. Contact List

    1. Validate Create New Contact List functionality.

    2. Validate search option and Find New Contact List functionality.

  6. Reports

    1. Generate and Validate Tracking Code Report.

    2. Generate and Validate Email Status Report.

    3. Generate and Validate Marketing Campaign Report.

    4. Generate and Validate Party Status Report.


  1. Production Run

    1. Validate the Create a Production Run functionality.

    2. Validate the Find Production Run functionality.

  2. Routing

    1. Validate the create New Routing functionality.

    2. Validate the Find Routing functionality.

  3. Routing Task

    1. Validate the New Routing Task functionality.

    2. Validate the find Routing Task functionality.

  4. Calendar

    1. Validate New Calendar functionality.

    2. Validate New Week functionality.

    3. Validate Find Calendar functionality.

  5. Costs

    1. Validate Manage Cost Components Calc Entries functionality.

    2. Verification of Edit Cost Components Calc Entries functionality.

  6. Bill of Material

    1. Validate Bill of Material create functionality.

    2. Validate Find Bill of Material functionality.

    3. Validate BOM Simulation functionality.

    4. Validate Product Edit Bom functionality.

    5. Validate Product Manufacturing rules.

  7. MRP (Material Requirement Planning)

    1. Validate Run MRP functionality.

    2. Validate MRP Log functionality.

    3. Validate Find MRP functionality.

  8. Validate Report generation functionality.

Work Effort 

  1. Task List

    1. Validate Create Work Effort functionality.

    2. Validate Advanced Search of Find Work Effort functionality.

    3. Validate Find Work Effort functionality.

  2. Calendar

    1. Validate View Calendar Entries functionality.

    2. Validate Find Calendar Entries functionality.

  3. My Time

    1. Validate Create Time sheet for This Week functionality.

    2. Validate Create Time sheet functionality.

  4. Work Effort

    1. Validate Create Work Effort functionality.

    2. Validate Advanced Search functionality.

    3. Validate Find Time sheet functionality.

  5. Submitted Jobs - Validate Find Submitted Jobs functionality.

  6. iCalendar
    1. Validate Create iCalendar functionality.
    2. Validate Find iCalendar functionality.

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  1. Thanks Sanjay Yadav,

    great work. I think it would be nice to have some automatic tests (Selenium or else) for these checks.