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The OFBiz track at the Apachecon Core EU 2015 event in Budapest, Hungary spreads across all aspects of OFBiz: business, development and operations and the speakers are from various countries within the European market space. Summary abstracts of the presentations were as follows:

Abstract Summary: State of Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz is an open source product for the automation of enterprise processes that includes framework components and business applications for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. This talk will provide an introduction to OFBiz, its history and its community. It will also summarize the main areas of recent developments, where the project stands today and where it is going.

Abstract Summary: GrowERP - an open source development platform including ERP based on Apache OFBiz

By combining a number of open source tools and connect them with Apache OFBiz, a platform was created to handle all operations in a software development company. GrowERP is an open source OFBiz component only showing a limited functionality of OFBiz using the standard database to be able to upgrade to the full system anytime without data conversion. Currently most open source companies are small and Apache OFBiz is just too big for them.

This combined with an open source OFBiz Scrum component, Jenkins, Git/Gerrit you have the complete platform for organizing a vendor branch of the product you represent, a staging environment updated daily and a fully automated production deployment. Methodologies supported are Scrum/Kanban with time registration and accounting with automated invoicing including full ledger capability.

Abstract Summary: Enhance OFBiz CRM with Asterisk Call Center Integration

A CRM records details about any contact made with anyone that your business deals with (leads, existing customers, suppliers..)

Phone calls are still the most popular method for communicating with organisations and one of the most common CRM processes involves manually entering the call details.

Imagine being able to connect a CRM to your company's PBX system.

*All incoming calls could be automatically recorded as a communication event and linked to the correct customer, supplier, etc.

*The Call Center representative picking up the call could have the customer or supplier details automatically displayed showing all their communication history

*If legislation allows, the calls may even be recorded and made accessible from within the CRM

In this presentation we show you how to setup Call Center Integration with Apache OFBiz CRM using Asterisk, one of the most popular PBX systems.

Abstract Summary: Build a Web Application in 40 minutes with Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz is an open source product for the automation of enterprise processes that includes framework components and business applications for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

The OFBiz framework can be used separately to build your own applications. This presentation will go through a live example showing how to create a new web application using Apache OFBiz. This will be an interactive session starting with the most basic steps ,where we will use best practice to create a simple solution using existing OFBiz components.

The goal of this presentation is to show how Apache OFBiz provides a great starting point to create your own enterprise solution...easily.

Abstract Summary: DevOps Environment for an OFBiz Agile Project

Working with any large IT project, you need to have good organisation, methods and infrastructure as well as manage all your stakeholders and keep them working well together.

With Apache OFBiz, all the same rules apply.

How can you configure Git/Svn, Jenkins and Docker to create an internal workflow capable of keeping multiple developers, system testers and other IT operations working in harmony together without any problems?

What about managing automated deployments with tests, such as regression and non-regression control?

In this presentation we will give you the answers to these question and show you what has been implemented for a French eCommerce company to improve our internal DevOps. We will also take you through some tips and tricks that we use to make the flows simpler and easier to maintain.

Abstract Summary: UX Design in OFBiz. How to make it a Reality!

The current 'out of the box' user experience (UX) for Apache OFBiz does very little to promote its adoption. This is because managing the user experience is not something that tends to be included as a project priority because it is expected that it will be tailored as part of each customer implementation.

This presentation will talk through the advantages of an intuitive interface using best practice UX design. We will also show that a well thought out user interface is just as important as an efficient engine or framework.

We will go through the main ergonomic problems of the current standard OFBiz interface and present an alternative example using practical UX design.

It will also be an opportunity to show some simple methods that can be used to maintain overall coherence of any software interface. We will also discuss some tools that can be used to help make this easier to achieve

Abstract Summary: It's OK - Consensus Reached. We've agreed to disagree!

The Apache Way tells us that we need to try and run our projects using consensus as much of possible – but what does it actually mean to the man or woman on the ground? Ask 5 different people what they understand by consensus you will probably get 5 different answers but that doesn't mean that we haven't achieved it.

In this presentation Sharan will talk about about how becoming part of an Apache project has educated her about the role and use of consensus, and that applying it in real life can be a bit more challenging than the theory.

1Jacopo CapellatoItalyState of Apache OFBizGeneral / CommunityApacheconEU2015.pdf
2Hans BakkerThailand

GrowERP-PAAS A software development platform including ERP based on Apache OFBiz

Business / Operationsapachecon_0.pdf
3Youssef KhayeFranceEnhance OFBiz CRM with Asterisk Call Center IntegrationDevelopment / TechncialApacheCon-Core-EU_2015_Ofbiz-CRM-asterisk-.pdf
4Gil PortenseigneFranceBuild a web application within 40 minutes with Apache OFBiz.DevelopmentApacheConBuda2015-GPO-CareBears.pdf
5Nathan BoudouFranceDevOps Environment for an OFBiz Agile ProjectTechnical / Operations / Case Studyapachecon_devops.pdf
6Julien NicolasFranceUX Design in OFBiz; How to Make it A RealityTechnical / DeveloperUXDesignInOFBiz-JulienNICOLAS.pdf
7Sharan FogaCzech RepublicIt's OK - Consensus Reached. We've agreed to disagree!Wildcard / CommunityIts OK Consensus Reached_0.pdf