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We would like to begin making and publishing OFBiz related video on our OFBiz Youtube channel.


The main objectives are:

  • to increase awareness of OFBiz in social media
  • to provide useful videos for existing and potential new users
  • to provide useful videos for existing and potential new developers
  • to promote OFBiz business solutions

Types of Videos to Include

Initially, we could start with some simple introduction videos that would be helpful to get people started with OFBiz (and some of this information can be taken from existing documentation and transformed into a video).

  • Introduction
  • Modules
  • Developer (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Business How To
  • Developer How To
  • Apachecon / Conferences?
  • Industry Specific


English is the main project language but OFBiz is used globally in many languages so if we have submissions in other languages these will be considered too.

Video Guidelines

Initially, we are looking for short introduction videos of less than 5? minutes.

The video should

  • cover an OFBiz related topic
  • be recorded using a standard OFBiz release
  • promote OFBiz or the OFBiz project

How to Submit a Video

  1. Record your video
  2. Upload the video as an attachment to this wiki page
  3. Add a link to your video in the 'Video Link' column
  4. Fill in your name in the 'Contributor Name' column

What Happens Next?

The video will be reviewed and if acceptable will be published on our OFBiz Youtube channel.

List of Suggested Youtube Videos to Make

Please see below for a list of suggested videos for the OFBiz Youtube Channel. Each of the proposed videos could also be made in different languages (as shown).

IDTitleLanguageVideo LinkContributor NameStatusPublished





How to download and build OFBiz for Linux





+ Others?

French :


Nicolas Malin

Sharan Foga

To Review 

How to download and build OFBiz for Windows


How to change the Derby Database to Postgres (or other Database)



French (ipv6)


French: Nicolas Malin


English: Pranay Pandey

18/12/15 Reviewed by Sharan Foga

05/04/2017 Reviewed by Deepak Dixit 



Sharan Foga


 Deepak Dixit 



How to navigate in OFBiz and change the theme

EnglishEnglish: SoonPranay PandeyTBD 

Introduction to Accounting Manager


Introduction to Catalog Manager

FrenchFrench : soonNicolas MalinTo Link 

Introduction to Manufacturing Manager


Introduction to Order Manager


Introduction to SFA Manager


Introduction to Party Manager


Introduction to E-Commerce


Introduction to POS

YT13Introduction to Facility / Warehouse Manager     
YT14Business How To - E-Commerce Store Setup from Catalog Manager     
YT15Business How To - E-Commerce Catalog, Category Setup from Catalog Manager     
YT16Business How To - E-Commerce Product Setup from Catalog Manager     
YT17Business How To - Review Your Store Setup with OOTB OFBiz E-Commerce Application     
YT18Developer How To - Custom E-Commerce Development top of OFBiz     
YT19Developer How To - Custom Extension Best Practices for any OOTB OFBiz Application e.g. Order Manager, Catalog Manager etc.     
YT20Developer How To - How to customize a screen/viewEnglishEnglish: SoonPranay Pandey  
YT21Developer How To - How to extend a database entityEnglishEnglish: SoonPranay Pandey  
YT22Developer How To - How to reuse controller in extended applicationEnglishEnglish: SoonPranay Pandey  
YT23Business How To - Security in OFBiz     
YT24Business How To - Role based security     
YT25Developer How To - Preparing a deployment strategy for OFBiz for Dev, QA and Production environment     
YT26Business How To - Introduction to OFBiz CMSEnglishEnglish: SoonPranay Pandey  
YT27Developer How To - E-Commerce Catalog Setup Best PracticesEnglishEnglish: SoonPranay Pandey  
YT28Developer How To - How to contribute in OFBiz - Contributors Best Practices     
YT29Developer How To - OFBiz Mailing list usage     
YT30Business / Developer How To - Introduction to OFBiz Wiki and how to use it     
YT31Developer How To - Introduction to OFBiz CMSEnglishEnglish: SoonPranay Pandey  
YT32Developer How To - Apache OFBiz Mailing ListsEnglishEnglish: Pranay Pandey09/03/2017 Reviewed by Deepak Dixit


 Deepak Dixit 

YT33Developer How To - OFBiz Beginners Tutorial - Basic Setup Release16.11EnglishEnglish: Pranay Pandey09/03/2017 Reviewed by Deepak Dixit 


Deepak Dixit

YT34Developer How To - OFBiz Directory Structure Release 16.11EnglishEnglish: Pranay Pandey21/03/2017 Reviewed by Deepak Dixit 


Deepak Dixit

YT35Developer How To - Create a Plugin - OFBiz Release 16.11EnglishEnglish: Pranay Pandey21/03/2017 Reviewed by Deepak Dixit 


Deepak Dixit

YT36Developer How To - Setup OFBiz for Development in IntelliJ IDEA IDE - OFBiz Release 16.11 and Trunk English: Pranay Pandey31/03/2017 Reviewed by Deepak Dixit 


Deepak Dixit

YT37Developer How To - Referring existing database Entities or setting up the new one.  English: Pranay Pandey20/04/2017 Reviewed by Deepak Dixit 


Deepak Dixit

 Developer How To - Data Setup using XML - Release 16.11 English: Pranay Pandey03/05/2017 Reviewed by Deepak Dixit 


Deepak Dixit

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  1. Hi Nicolas - the link you added for YT3 is giving an error. Please can you check the link? Malin Nicolas

    1. Hello Sharan, it's a link that run only on IPV6, try this link if your ipv6 isn't enable by your internet access

      1. Hi Nicolas - I've checked and IPV6 isnt here (where I am yet!). Thanks for the other link. I downloaded and watched your video and it looks OK to me. I liked the bit where you showed the error messages and how to fix them as these are common questions that come up a lot. I will post a message on the mailing list to see if anyone else wants to review it and give their feedback, otherwise I'd be happy to see it published on our channel.