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The OFBiz track at the Apachecon NA 2015 event in Austin, Texas, USA involved all aspects of OFBiz including business and development, with speakers from the US and Europe and Asia. Summary abstracts of the presentations were as follows:

Abstract Summary: State of Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz is an open source product for the automation of enterprise processes that includes framework components and business applications for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

This talk will provide an introduction to OFBiz, its history and its community.

It will also summarize the main areas of recent developments, where the project stands today and where it is going.

Abstract Summary: Why Large Companies Use Apache OFBiz ERP

We have done several installations of Apache OFBiz in large companies that have revenues of $300M+ . This presentation will show why these companies selected OFBiz and how the system was implemented using BPM, agile project management and involved the practice of continuous improvement and deployment.


Abstract Summary: Can OFBiz Stand the Stringent Regulatory Requirements of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

OFBiz is an eCommerce and general purpose ERP platform that provides a solid foundation for reliable, secure and scalable enterprise solution; OFBiz is backed by a solid framework and robust set of tools under the hood, which makes extending the platform to specialty industries a breeze. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is arguably the most regulated industry around and easily qualifies as a specialty industry as it is mandatory to comply with the regulatory requirements from a number of federal agencies. The three biggest challenges facing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing include:

  • Inventory Management for ingredients and products that have limited shelf life and the system needs to track expired and close-to-end-of-life inventory accurately.
  • Production Management / Quality Assurance where batch tracking for both ingredients and products is mandated as part of recall management; Fulfillment systems must address the security and shipping labelling aspects; As the ingredients and products go through a number of life cycle stages typical to this industry, accurate labelling is the key for traceability.
  • Regulatory compliance requires comprehensive audit history across the platform and document management with proper version control.

In this presentation, we will walk you through the OOTB features, platform extensibility and tool-sets that are available under the hood that makes implementing the complex regulatory requirements easy to achieve

Abstract Summary: Buidling Mobile Business Applications with Apache OFBiz

In the race to develop the next big innovation in mobile applications the focus is often hot new technologies like distributed data stores or "platform as a service". Critical business components like inventory management, accounting and order fulfillment may not be addressed until far too late in the game. OFBiz is not a new technology but it provides a set of business components that few systems can match. In this talk we will see how OFBiz can be used to provide RESTful business services to JavaScript single page applications using hot web technologies like RequireJS and Backbone. We'll talk about the relationship between these kinds of interfaces and the current OFBiz page rendering technologies and open the floor for a spirited discussion of where they could take OFBiz in the future.


Abstract Summary: Using Docker for Development of Production Systems based on OFBiz

Development of ofbiz-based projects has, in the past, been limited to what could be installed easily from a quick source code checkout. In ofbiz, the default configuration attempts to use java to provide all resources, apis, and automata one would need. This makes getting up and running quickly, but a production deployment is seldom done this way.

In a production environment, there will generally be many different pieces of software configured to run as a single unit. Sometimes, multiple machines will even be utilized. However, it has been hard to represent such an environment for a developer to use; that is, until the introduction of docker. With docker, it becomes easy to spin up small virtualized instances of linux, which then allows for the exact same production software to be installed and used by developers in the field.

Abstract Summary: How to Avoid Common Mistakes in OFBiz Development

Get a jump-start on your next Apache OFBiz project. Learn from an experienced OFBiz contributor how to avoid some common mistakes. Not just for beginners, this presentation draws from more than 10 years of OFBiz experience, looking at time-tested solutions that work! Topics include:

  1. Common getting started problems
  2. Common customization problems
  3. Common design problems
  4. Common integration problems


From Where
Target Audience
1Jacopo CapellatoItalyState of Apache OFBizAllApacheconNA2015-final.pdf
2Hans BakkerThailandWhy Large Companies Use Apache OFBiz ERPBusinessapachecon.pdf
3Sakthi VellingiriUSCan OFBiz Stand the Stringent Regulatory Requirements of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?BusinessCanOFBizStandStringentRequirementsOfPharmaManufacturing.pdf
4Ean SchuesslerUSBuilding Mobile Business Applications with Apache OFBizDeveloper / Technicalmobile_web.pdf
5Adam HeathUSUsing Docker for Development of Production Systems based on OFBizDeveloper / Technical2015-ofbiz-docker-development.pdf
6Adrian CrumUSHow to Avoid Common Mistakes in OFBiz DevelopmentDeveloper2015_ApacheCon_Reduced.pdf
7Jacopo CapellatoItalyRound Table Discussion Q&A SessionAllN/A


  1. What about an opening talk, called something like 'State of being Open For Business', highlighting the changes within the project (and its works) as some kind of progress report?

  2. It could be a recurring item. And it could be used to rotate PMC Members to hold the talk. Shouldn't be that difficult.