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The re-factor covers the whole OFBiz code base so we need a simple approach that makes it easy for people to pick up, re-factor and improve an area. This means that we probably wont be able to run it as a traditional linear project. Instead we will look to highlight areas of work where the community can help.

Main Approach

  • Identify a list of approximately 10 key re-factoring areas (5 easier, 5 more difficult)
  • Ask the Community for volunteers to help re-factor in these selected areas
  • Tick off each area as it is completed
  • Use of JIRA for tracking work (e.g open a master issue for each area identified and include individual sub-tasks)
  • Use of JIRA to organise sprints if required

  • Use the trunk as the main code source for the framework re-factor


  • A short to-do list of is good number to highlight the key areas
  • A  list will help focus the community on what needs to be done
  • As one area is finished we can easily move to another
  • Over time the initial re-factoring will make further re-factoring easier

Current List of Re-factoring Focus Areas

If you are interested in helping us with this re-factor effort then please take a look at the list of tasks that we'd like to focus on in our Current Re-Factor To Do List




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