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Quick Setup

  1. Company Contact Info
    1. Company Name
    2. Alternate Legal Name (for govt forms)
    3. Company Shipping Address
    4. Optional Company Billing Address
    5. Optional Company Legal Address (for govt forms)
    6. Company Email Address
    7. Optional Customer Service Email Address
    8. Company Phone Number
    9. Optional Customer Service Phone Number
  2. Localized Settings
    1. Default Locale (Language, optional Region)
    2. Default Currency
    3. Default Time Zone
  3. Company Financial Details
    1. Tax ID Number
    2. Employer ID Number (optional EIN)
    3. First Month of Fiscal Year
    4. First Month of Income Tax Year
    5. Accounting Method for Reports: Cash Basis or Accrual Basis
    6. Tax Form (drop-down: (For USA: Sole Proprietor (1040), Partnership or LLC (1065), Small Business Corporation (1120S), Corporation (1120), Non-Profit (990)), Other/None)
    7. Auto Close Time Periods? (Y/N)
    8. Warn Only or Warn and Require Password when changing transactions in closed periods?
    9. Show GL account numbers?
    10. Use GL Transaction Classes?
  4. Suppliers
    1. Manage purchase invoices (bills) and payments, or just record payments?
    2. Do you ever need to track expenses by customer?
    3. Do you have expenses that you bill through to customers?
    4. Do you ever charge sales tax for expenses billed through to a customer?
    5. What markup rate do you charge for billable expenses (or supplies)? (Default: 0%)
    6. Billable Expense Income GL Account
    7. Default Billing Terms (drop-down: Immed., Net 15, Net 30, Net 60, <Custom>)
  5. Service Billing
    1. Do you bill customers for services?
    2. Do you have common services you want to manage for easier time entry and billing?
    3. What is the first day of your work week? (Default: Sunday)
  6. Track Inventory?
  7. Main Role for Customers (drop-down: Customers, Clients, Patients, Donors, Tenants, Members, Guests)
  8. Sales Entry
    1. Add Custom Fields
    2. Custom or Automatic IDs?
    3. Use Discounts?
    4. Discount GL Account
    5. Use Quotes?
      1. Drop-down: No Quotes, Quotes not used on Invoices, Only Accepted Quotes on Invoices, Any Quotes on Invoices
    6. Custom Message to Customers on Quotes
    7. Custom Message to Customers on Invoices, etc
    8. Charge Sales Tax?
    9. Update Form: update all existing products, customers as taxable/non-taxable
    10. Default taxability: New Products taxable? New Customers taxable?
    11. Sales Tax GL Account
    12. Sales Tax Rate (%)
    13. Track Shipping?
    14. Shipping Income (Charges) GL Account
  9. Sales Document Delivery
    1. Customize Sales Invoice: title at top, logo, return address, email address, font, text size, etc
    2. Email Document Settings
      1. Specify Subject, Message text for: Invoice, Credit Memo, Sales Receipt, Statement
      2. Copy me on all documents sent?
      3. Include sales documents as PDF attachment, or plain text in email only?
  10. Statements
    1. Show aging summary?
    2. Show summary or details for each invoice?
  11. Automatic Invoices
    1. Drop-down: No automatic invoices; Remind to Create Invoices; Create Invoices and a To Do for invoices to Send
    2. Schedule: Period (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly), Number of Periods, Day within Period
  12. Accept Credit Cards?
    1. Payment processor configuration...
  13. Email Alerts?
    1. Error/Warning Alerts?
    2. Task Alerts?
    3. Message Alerts?
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