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Pre Gradle version

This page documents the usage with Gradle, the pre-Gradle documentation is here: Running and Debugging OFBiz in Eclipse

Table of contents

1. Debugging OFBiz in Eclipse

Before we also used to debug or run OFBiz inside Eclipse, but this is no longer documented here as long as the "Can't find bundle for base name cache, locale en" bug is not fixed.

Step 1: Run OFBiz in debug mode

Normally we start OFBiz with the command line

To start in debug mode use the command line

This run in debug mode listening for a socket connection on port 5005 for a debugger to connect. So unlike with Ant you have to connect a Debugger at this port for OFBiz to continue.

Step 2: Connect to OFBiz with Eclipse as a Debugger

Before connecting you have to create a new debug configuration.

  • In Eclipse choose Run->Debug... from the menu. A Debug window should pop up.
  • Select Remote Java Application from the tree on the left.
  • Click New (button on the bottom left).
  • Type a name at the top (OFBiz, perhaps?)
  • On the Connect tab
    • Pick ofbiz for the project
    • Select Standard (Socket Attach) for Connection Type
    • Type localhost for host
    • Type 5005
  • On the Source tab
    • Click Add Projects... (buttons on the right)
    • Select the ofbiz project
  • Click Apply If you have OFBiz running debug (Step 1 above) you can start debugging by clicking Debug (on the bottom) now.
    You know that you are connected when you see a start/stop button in the debug perspective of Eclipse.
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