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This page is intended for collecting technical terms from various pages in BPRB .
Expected End Date:  

Methodology: Each page of BPRB shall be read from the perspective of a someone

who has some idea of  the domain ie, various functions provided by various OfBiz application.
Those terms which are typical to the area of ERP or Business ie Domain term shall be listed in
two places

  1. In the Master Glossary  section of this page
    1. The master glossary is currently sorted alphabetically new additions should be
      done preserving the order , so that duplicates are avoided.
  2. Under the particular page.
    1. A list of pages shall be duplicated here and terms shall be added in context of the page also ,
      this shall have the added beneficial side effect that labelling/tagging of the pages.

Master Glossary:

This is borrowed from : Glossary

Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Invoice
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Invoice
Accrual Based Accounting
Asset Maintenance
Balance Sheet
Budget Id
Budget Item
Budget Role
Cash Based Accounting
Chart of Accounts
Cost of Goods Sold
Current Assets
Current Liabilities
Double Entry Accounting
Employee Position Type
End of Year Rollover
Fixed Assets
General Ledger
Income Accounts
Income Statement
Intangible Asset
Internal Organization
Invoice Date
Invoice Due Date
Journal Entry
Long Term Liabilities
Net Income
Party Id
Profit & Loss Statement
Retained Earnings
Security Group
Termination Reason
Termination Type
Trial Balance


Pages and Extracted Tems:

Below are various pages (titles) from the BPRB  and the keywords shall be listed below the pages
under  Documentation


OFBiz Features

Business Process Reference Book

FAQ - Tips - Tricks - Cookbook - HowTo

Page: Add a WAR file Page: Amazon Interface notes. Page: Ant Script to build new ofbiz self cert Page: AS-IS 9.04 Contact List How To Page: As Is Communication Event Process Flow Page: Calling OFBiz services from Liferay using SOAP Page: Code Snippets Page: Distributed Entity Cache Clear (DCC) Mechanism Page: Eclipse Tips Page: Export Ofbiz Services that use complex type parameters via SOAP using AXIS2 Page: Export Ofbiz Services that use complex type parameters via SOAP using AXIS2 - r892712+ Page: Export service using REST Page: Export to Excel Page: FAQ Why do I have to login when there is a externalLoginKey Page: Fedex Integration Page: Geo Entities and Usage Page: Handling of External data Page: How to configure certificates Page: How to display all information of a single party Page: How to migrate OFBiz from Derby to MySQL database Page: How to Setup a Company Page: How to use SVK for creating local SVN repositories Page: Load balance across multiple instances of OFBiz Page: Magnolia CMS Integration Guide Page: OAGIS Page: OFBiz and Oracle Page: OFBIZ in Netbeans 6 Page: Promotions Page: Request Flow to tomcatofbiz Page: Running and Debugging OFBiz in Intellij IDEA Page: Search Engine Optimisation, SEO in ecommerce Page: Securing user password - Make it pattern driven. Page: Setup Intellij IDEA IDE for OFBiz Framework Page: Setup OFBiz version 16.11.02 with PostgreSQL on Windows Page: Sticky session load balancing with Apache and mod_balancer Page: Subscription Page: The horizontal menu in the right column is causing the HTML elements below it to drop down to the bottom of the screen Page: Tips and Tricks while working with Groovy Page: Tips for UI labels translation Page: Tune your PostgreSQL installation Page: Using excel to build vars and map methods for a class from services page. Page: Using Website and Productstore for External sites. Page: Using XMLRPC as an alternative to SOAP Page: Using XMLRPC with Flex client Page: Variables always available in screen context


OFBiz Related Books

OFBiz Sanity Test





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  1. Documenting Suggestions from Shivangi:


    Few More Suggestions:

    1) Glossary of terms can also be bifurcated based on business processes or
    OFBiz components. For Example, inventory can have business terms like ATP,
    QOH, Back Order etc.
    2) We can also incorporate business terminologies used in real world. So,
    people can relate those terms to the framework.

    Also, I would like to contribute to this glossary enrichment effort too.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Shivangi Tanwar