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Java JDK

OFBiz is written in Java and requires a full Java Development Kit (JDK) from Sun/Oracle or OpenJDK to run.

WARNING: It won't run on a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) alone. Java workalike, including Blackdown, Kaffe, and others do NOT run OFBiz successfully (yet), but you can use OpenJDK for recent versions (at least Java 8).

Sun's Java version numbering was a bit schizophrenic-- Java 6 means version 1.6, while Java 5 means version 1.5. From Java 8 Oracle is only labeled this way. OFBiz Java version requirements are as follows:

  • trunk requires Java SDK 17 (there has been some work done to move to Java SDK 17, see issue OFBIZ-12722)
  • 22.01 requires Java SDK 17
  • 18.12 requires Java SDK 8
  • 17.12 requires Java SDK 8
  • 16.11 requires Java SDK 8
  • 15.12 requires Java SDK 8
  • 12.04, 13.07, 14.12: requires Java SDK version 1.6
  • 11.04, 10.04: requires Java SDK version 1.6
  • 9.04: requires Java SDK version 1.5 (or greater)

Also if you get an error like "class file has wrong version 50.0, should be 49.0", below is a list of some of the version numbers and their corresponding Java runtimes:

  • Version 53.0 = Java 1.9.x
  • Version 52.0 = Java 1.8.x
  • Version 51.0 = Java 1.7.x
  • Version 50.0 = Java 1.6.x
  • Version 49.0 = Java 1.5.x
  • Version 48.0 = Java 1.4.x

You can get the latest Oracle Java SDK here:

If Java is already installed on your target machine, make sure it is the full JDK and appropriate running version. You can check this by typing "java -version" (you may also check javac -version) at a command prompt.

Operating system

OFBiz will run on any operating system that supports Sun Java SDK.

  • Microsoft Windows (XP and newer)
  • Apple Macintosh (OS X and newer)
  • Linux (most recent distributions)
  • Unix (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD)

are all supported.


OFBiz can operate for evaluation and testing purposes on a minimal server. Current trunk installs take about 560MB of disk space. We have operated OFBiz on a 700MHz Celeron with 512MB of RAM running Debian Linux. Production servers will probably want more up-to-date hardware commensurate with the expected load.


OFBiz comes with an IBM Derby SQL database built-in. This is usually fine for evaluation, development, and testing. Production servers will probably want a more powerful database. A variety of databases are supported, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.

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