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The documentation bloc below is the HTML import of the conversion of this into HTML by Pandoc using this command line locally in root folder (you need to checkout the tools branch in your ofbiz folder).

pandoc tools/demo-backup/README.MD -s -o tools/wiki-files/demos/

The tools folder contains only tools used by the OFBiz team and is of no help for OFBiz users and could even be confusing. So it's not delivered with the OFBiz trunk, plugins or releases.

You can find the tools branch at

Here is in the repository that you are reading below

General description

Three instances of OFBiz run on the OFBiz demo VM3 at

  • trunk: the trunk version
  • stable: the last stable version (currently 16.11)
  • old: the previous stable version (currently 13.07)

This is the 3rd instance of VM we use hence the 3 in its domain name. The root of is the so called bigfiles directory which is actually at /var/www/ofbiz/big-files.

We own 3 Apache sub domains


The Puppet configuration is at It’s currently impossible to directly modify, it’s a private Github repo. Just create an Infra Jira asking for the wanted change…and be patient ;)

Actions on demos

SSH to server (a VM actualy), then follow the below procedure. You will need to use OTP (One Time Password). For documentation on how to use OPIE (One time Passwords In Everything), see this page.

Note: Only run the ofbiz demos using the ‘ofbizDemo’ user, never run as root.

You need to be registered as a sudoer (ask Infra).

Then sudo to the ofbizDemo user:

sudo -s -u ofbizDemo -H
Sudo uses OTP. Use a tool like to generate the OTP
You can then start/stop as required.

To check if the demos are being run as the ofbizDemo user:

ps aux | grep ofbizDemo

The first column on the left tell you the username the demo is
being run as - it should say ofbizDemo (UID).

Type 'exit' to exit the ofbizDemo user and return to your username.

Also note that the demos are usually updated and started/stopped automatically using the script in this directory. It is run by an ofbizDemo cron job every 24 hours at 3 AM. You should therefore only need to start/stop manually if there is a problem.

Current restriction

If you want to restart only a single instance you can respectively use This does not work, at least for instances using Gradle (currently trunk and stable, ie R16). See why at Hence currently R13.07 is not affected you can use to only restart the old demo. And you need for now to use when trunk or/and stable are affected.

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