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NOTE: The new logo files done by HotWax are attached to this issue to help with style/visual choices.

Target Audiences

  1. Business Users
  2. Enterprise Architects
  3. Developers

Current Site Structure 

What is OFBiz?

Project Overview
Is OFBiz for Me?
Feature List
Features Coming Soon
User List
User Stories
Brochures, etc
Conference Videos
Framework Intro Videos

Demo Site

Stock Demo by HotWax Media and Contegix

eCommerce Demo
Management Apps

Download OFBiz

Getting Started (Read this first)
Source Access (Recommended)
Weekly Builds
Copyright & License

Resources & Tools

dev Mailing List
user Mailing List
commits Mailing List
Issue Tracker (Jira)
Source Repository (SVN)
Main Documentation Page
Documentation (Confluence)
Doc Site: Wiki
Conference Videos
Open Source Projects&Standards

Old Resources

Old Mailing Lists
Old Issue Tracker (Jira)
Old Wiki
The Old Site
The Old Site
Apache Incubator Status

Apache OFBiz Related Blogs

OFBiz and Open Source by David E. Jones
What's New in OFBiz by Si Chen

Apache OFBiz Communities


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Government Travel

Service Providers

Complete Listing on Wiki
HotWax Media
Open Source Strategies, Inc.
Integral Business Solutions
Ant Websystems
Automation Groups International
Sykes Development Ltd
Agrenon GmbH

New Site Structure

Proposal One

Created by Jacopo. Feedback is welcome... feel free to change/add/remove information.

Main concepts:

  • No Header  Links/Tabs (or only two, one for the website and one for the documentation site)
  • A left side column of links in all the pages (always the same); the link to which the current page refers is highlighted
  • A very simple and minimal set of links (in the left column), something like this:

===Apache OFBiz===

  • Welcome
  • News
  • History
  • License

===Resources=== NOTE: just a draft at the moment...

  • Documentation
  • External Resources NOTE: pointing to a new page with external links to blogs, communities, old resources, demo sites etc...
  • Marketing NOTE: pointing to a page with testimonials, user lists etc...


  • Releases
  • Trunk


===Project Management===

  • Mission NOTE: the ASF Board Resolution
  • People NOTE: PMC members, committers, developers
  • Bylaws

Proposal Two

Proposal Three

Visual Design Goals/Ideas

To get things rolling, let's answer these questions that Si posed to the group last week as well as getting eveyone's general feelings on what they would be looking for in a redesigned OFBiz site. I think that having these questions answered as well as more input on the overall look and feel will give the designers a better chance at hitting the mark.

NOTE: I have linked out to Si Chen's original email which called out many of the following points - in case anyone wants to check the origin of any questions in particular.

What does OFBiz stand for?

  1. What are the core values and principiles of the project? - Si Chen
  2. Why are they better for developers and users of OFBiz? - Si Chen
  3. How can we articulare our information in a way that gets people behind the philosophy and the framework? - Si Chen

General Design Comments

  1. It should be more "visual" but not overly graphical or fancy with flash or images, etc. I think open sourcers are looking for information, and something that looks overly commercial would not be right. - Si Chen
  2. We should play up more about the sites, products, and projects that use OFBiz. It's really great how many major commercial sites, products, and open source projects use OFBiz, and that should give us more credibility. - Si Chen
  3. We should consider two different target audiences: persons interested in using the system (out of the box features, user guides, case studies, etc...) and people interested in customizing/implementing the system (details about the framework, developer's guides and docs etc...); I think that we should clearly define the two areas of the web site's content. - Jacopo Cappellato
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  1. Unknown User (

    I agree with Si that it should be more visual. The current site is too busy - I have a hard time sifting through the mountain of text on the main page. There is a lot of good info there, it just needs to be broken down further and moved onto separate pages.

    Personally, I prefer clean, uncluttered web sites - sites whose pages offer a snapshot of information with links to more details. With that model, I can locate the information I want easily.

    I also agree with Si that it shouldn't be graphics-heavy. Some people still use dialup. Small graphics that illustrate a point or make the page "pop" are fine.

    Consider - there is a company that has a lot of information to present. The home page loads quickly, it's uncluttered, and yet from there you can find whatever you're looking for in the Microsoft universe. 

  2. Anonymous

    I agree also. As an information architect and a user interface designer I can safely say that clutter makes for bad navigation. Also to many pictures or animation is not advantageous to this type of site. If I might, I would like to make a few suggestions. You must understand that most of your users are programmers, but many more "potential" users are not. You need to "tech down" the site a little and give simple to understand examples of how this product can be used and end the pain business owners face everyday. Graphics not pictures will go a long way in getting across some of the more basic ideas and concepts that you take for granted because you are technical. Some of the most basic information (the big picture) is often left out because you are busy working on the details.

    David Faust - President, "It All Matters", LLC

  3. David Welton recently sent a link on the OFBiz users ML. It's not exactly related to the comments above but I think it worths to read it :

  4. There have been some discussions about using Apache Confluence. It ended by this issue Apache Geronimo and ServiceMix projects are good examples of what can be done with Apache Confluence

  5. Why not use OFBiz CMS to host the web site?
    A self-hosting web site is a must-have for any CMS! (wink)

    This will be a live evidence of OFBIz power and will sollecitate more contributions on the CMS application.

  6. I would also like to add a basic "How works OFBiz" section, before current "Who is Using Apache OFBiz?" where concepts like SOA (Services Oriented Architecture - I put an "s" explicity), EDA (Events Driven Architecture) and SOI (Services Oriented Integration) would be explained with a sentence or two on how it's implemented in OFBiz (implementable for SOI). More and more people are turning to ESBs and this should attract some interesting users...

  7. I have added an history section in Jacopo's proposition. This can't hurt...

  8. Sharan Foga, does this fit anywhere in your new website efforts?

  9. Michael Brohl - No, I think this can be removed or as we have had a more recent mailing list discussion than this where the community agreed on a structure. Thanks