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Most of my clients are use to using Excel and CSV to import and export.

to this end I have  created the core classes and minilanq methods to do this.

THis can be expanded on to import and export other data not in xml format. 

What makes this different is the the UI will be setup to select which fields to import to export from.

it will allow to read and write XLS files or csv files.

it will allow many delimiters.

there will be a UI to select the availible Import and Exports.

The service will accept a view for export and extended entity for import.

this can be put in each applicatiion or in a central area.

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  1. Hi BJ,

    Did you reuse some parts of the datafile component ?

    1. Unknown User (

      I did not.

      the Idea is to use a dynamic UI to allow the user to click and use dropdowns. Since the Entities and view are the only things that can be selected, only data in entity fields can be imported. this allows import of CSV that have no header or you want to override the header with entity field name.

       Later plan on complex imports.

      I can use parts of the data file code.
      If you want I will put the code in the framework/datafile folder.

  2. Unknown User (todd burdeinei)

    Hello Bj,

    Is this ready? Where can I find it?

    1. Unknown User (


      this is not ready for Trunk yet.

      will post here when it is in the SVN

      1. Unknown User (bande)

        Any update on the status of this?  I would love to be able to utilize this in a project that I am working on.

  3. Unknown User (

    from an email

    You should also have a look at framework/datafile and particularly its use in applications\order\script\org\ofbiz\order\thirdparty