OODT is a middleware, hence it is not an out-of-the-box solution. However, we created the RADiX build system to make it easy to get started with OODT. RADiX manages all the hard work behind-the-scenes, and compiles a fully-operational OODT platform that is ready for development and deployment. We use RADiX to provide pre-configured build environments using Vagrant and Docker.

Option 1 - Using Vagrant

This user-guide will help you understand, and set up a Vagrant powered Virtual Machine containing a pre-configured OODT installation.

Link - Vagrant Powered OODT

Option 2 - Using Docker

Link - Docker powered OODT

Option 3 - Using RADiX

You can also ignore Vagrant and Docker altogether and build OODT using RADiX on your local machine. Check out this video to see the RADiX build system in action.

Link - RADiX Powered By OODT

Option 4 - Build Straight From Source

Link - Building OODT

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